A new screenwriter tackles the next “final destination” film?



It’s been a while now since we’ve heard of the Final destination franchise, with the most recent reports from last year indicating that a new branch of the franchise is in development. The latest news is that the series is being revamped with a brand new film, featuring Seen sequels authors Patrick melton and Marcus Dunstan set to write the script.

Last I heard, the film was set to take place in the world of the existing Final destination films and focus on first responders, but again, that was in November of last year.

Franchise creator Jeffrey Reddick tweeted in November 2020, “They were developing another Final destination until Covid hits. They will take it over once the business restarts.

We don’t have much new to relay on the project this week but it’s interesting that Deadline reports in an article on an upcoming thriller titled Bed rest as the writer-director of this film, Lori Evans Taylor, is writing “Final destination 6. “It’s interesting because it seems to suggest that Melton and Dunstan are now out of the project.

Deadline reports: “Taylor is writing Final destination 6. Other recent writing credits include I’m still alive, with and produced by Ben Affleck, the film produced by 21 Laps I-5, and Small price to pay. She has produced stories for television shows such as Lucky dog, welcome to the house, and others.”

During this time, Melissa Barrera will star in the supernatural thriller Bed rest, which will mark Lori Evans Taylor’s directorial debut. The worldwide rights have been acquired by STXfilms.

In this film, “After years of struggling to start a family, Julie Rivers (Barrera) is pregnant again and moves into a new home with her husband as they make a fresh start. After being ordered to stay in forced bed, Julie begins to slowly unravel herself as she suffers from the monotony and anxiety of her new constraints.

“Soon terrifying ghostly experiences at home begin to close in on Julie, stoking her past demons and causing others to question her mental stability. Trapped and forced to face her past and the supernatural, Julie fights to protect herself and her unborn baby.



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