A ‘Point Break’ screenwriter is developing a TV series about Keanu Reeves’ character’s daughter


Breaking point was the movie that made Keanu Reeves an action hero. Although his subsequent action strikes, The matrix and John Wickbecame franchises, it never made a sequel to Breaking point. Screenwriter W. Peter Iliff was developing a sequel for Patrick Swayze before Swayze’s death. Now there may be a Breaking point TV series, and Reeves may still be involved.

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Iliff was the guest of the Separate script podcast on November 16, 2021. Iliff told the story for his Breaking point TV series and what role Reeves could have there.

Keanu Reeves’ ‘Point Break’ Character Johnny Utah Reportedly Has a Daughter

Iliff based the Breaking point TV series about Johnny Utah’s daughter. Utah himself would be missing early in the series.

“You see her in the beginning, she’s snowboarding, Olympics,” Iliff said on Separate script. “She gets her knee atomized and the painkillers lead to drinking, wild and fast sex and so on and she hits rock bottom, has to get sober. She hates being sober.

Utah Jr. would follow in his father’s footsteps by joining the FBI.

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Her father, Johnny Utah, is missing. His body has not been found, he is dead, he has been missing for years. It’s a mystery as to where he is, but you’ll find out he’s not dead. A bigger story revolves around this. She gets involved in these eco-terrorist movements which, of course, are now very important. There are two sides to the movement. There are those who try to get corporations, or not, to do the right thing to save our planet and there are those who will put a gun in their hand and maybe rob a bank to finance their more violent approach. The FBI is after these people and she is sent undercover, deepcover with the group. It’s the same thing. Which side of the badge are you on? She meets her Bodhi, his name is Cypress. He is a free solitary climber. There are lots of outdoor stunts as the group runs and they pull these smart ratf***s from corporations that are polluting our planet. As she sinks deeper and deeper, which side is she on?

W. Peter Iliff, Separate script podcast, 11/16/21

Johnny Utah is coming back, but who would play him in the ‘Point Break’ TV series?

Iliff went on to explain that Utah would appear in the Breaking point TV series. He didn’t say if Reeves was destined to play the role. More than 30 years have passed, so it would be viable to recast a grizzled old Utah.

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“The kick is when her father, who is not dead, realizes his daughter is in this situation, he left the grid to become a mountaineer and he joins the same group,” Iliff said. . “She can’t face her dad sitting across from that dining table. She can’t because he’s there to protect her and now it opens up a bigger Pandora’s box because of why he got off the grid. He did it to protect his daughter.

They still need Keanu Reeves’ permission to do the show

Whether Reeves takes over the role of Johnny Utah or not, they need him to accept the executive product. Point Break: The Series. It’s not that Reeves opposes it, but he’s already busy.

“The problem is very simple,” Iliff said. “Alcon did the remake that didn’t [well] financially and has been criticized. At this point, they offered Keanu to produce this TV series, not to star in it, but to executive produce. Keanu is very busy. He just did Matrix 4 and now he does Wick 4 and 5. There’s really no amount of money you can pay him to make him do anything. He’s a busy man, so we can’t get his commitment, so I can’t ask Alcon to do this.

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