A solo writer discussed the future of Qi’ra with The Mandalorian’s creator


Solo: A Star Wars StoryQi’ra may have a future in live-action Star Wars Disney+ offerings. Solo introduced Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke, as Han Solo’s old love long before he joined the Rebel Alliance and fell in love with Princess Leia. By the end of the film, Qi’ra had become a rising crime lord. His story apparently ended there since there are no sequels to Solo never made it to production. However, television opens up a whole new opportunity for Star Wars characters to come back to the fore. While Clarke heard nothing, Solo writer Jonathan Kasdan had a few conversations about the future of Qi’ra with The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau to find out if we’ll see what happens to her.

“I think so,” Kasdan said. Screen Rant at Star Wars celebration. “I think one day we’ll see what happened, and how Qi’ra kind of advanced across the world, through crime syndicates. I talked to Jon Favreau about it, and he is a big fan of [Solo] and some of the things we’ve built. And I said, “Well, you’re the guy to figure it out.” I’m still counting on him to bring history to life and keep it going.”

He continues, “Star Wars goes in so many fun directions. And specifically, I saw this trailer for Andor today, and I thought, “Well, Enfys Nest is going to appear on this show somewhere.” So hopefully a lot of these people will continue the journey they’ve been on.”

Although Qi’ra hasn’t appeared live since her debut, she has returned to the Star War galaxy in Marvel’s ongoing Star Wars comics. Qi’ra’s return was a surprise revelation in the Bounty Hunter War event, where she stole Han Solo’s carbonite-frozen body. Now she and her Crimson Dawn faction are in an uneasy alliance with Leia and the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to sabotage and bring down the Galactic Empire. Speaking to ComicBook.com after the reveal, Clarke was thrilled to see Qi’ra back in action in some form.

“It means the absolute world,” she said. : I know his past. I know his story. Maybe the movie didn’t go there, but it was such an honor and a privilege to be part of this universe as an actor. So seeing the character actually get caught up in the origin of all of this – bringing him home to the family in this way – cemented him in a way. I didn’t expect to feel as touched as I was by this.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Mandalorian are streaming now on Disney+.


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