A Well Paid Ventriloquist Puppet’ – Brandel Chamblee Slams Phil Mickelson


At this week’s Saudi International, the threat from the breakaway Saudi Golf League is at its highest, with several players saying they have signed nondisclosure agreements.

Arguably the player most closely associated – at least publicly – with the aforementioned SGL is Phil Mickelson, who not only stated that “almost every player in the top 100 has been contacted at some point”, but also launched a scathing attack on the PGA Tour over their media rights, stating that: “Their type of greed is beyond abhorrent” and that “the Tour forced him to pay $1 million to access his shots”. The PGA Tour has so far declined to comment.

Mickelson pulls his driver out of the bag

Mickelson watches the 17th hole on day two of the 2022 Saudi Arabia International.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

One player who weighed in on Mickelson’s comments was Brooks Koepka, who commented on Instagram: “Dk (I don’t know) if I would use the word greedy if I’m Phil…..”

But it appears Koepka isn’t the only one to take a shot at the six-time Major champion, with Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee producing a highly charged piece for the Golf Channel accusing Mickelson of being “a very well ventriloquist puppet paid”. involved in a sports washing operation.”

It wasn’t the only shot Chamblee fired, with the American saying he “cares a lot about his media rights, but apparently not so much about human rights” and that “if he was to control the PIP fund, I would rename it the Player Irony Program and give the full 40 million to Phil for that smooth talk.”

Koepka and Mickelson at the PGA Championship

Koepka and Mickelson at the 2021 PGA Championship.

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Chamblee isn’t the only one to comment, with Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch saying that: “At best, his (Mickelson’s) lyrics suggest what he has in terms of self-esteem he lacks in self-awareness.”

Mickelson has yet to respond to comments from Chamblee or Lynch.


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