Aamir Nawab’s “THE WRITER” Wins London Academy’s Best British Short Film Award



New Delhi [India], December 29 (ANI / GIPR): As part of London Academy’s recently announced awards, entrepreneur-turned-filmmaker Aamir Nawab’s “The Writer” took home the award for best UK short film. The awards were created in 2015 to celebrate the works of talented artists around the world and also applaud the diversity presented in film and television. In the past, too, the outstanding work of filmmakers in the short film category has been recognized and commended by the Academy.

The latest winner of the UK Best Short Film Award, The Winner, is the brainchild of Aamir Nawab, who started his career as a dance assistant with Mumbai-based choreographer Ajeet Dutta, before moving on to theater and to filmmaking. Responding to the award, Aamir said, “Receiving this award gave me confidence to keep working on new ideas. The whole idea behind making movies and art, in the process, is to change people’s lives. If my audience left the cinema even with just one lesson, one thought, one positive idea, that would be a huge achievement for me. “Short films are a relatively new concept in cinema, which has seen rapid progress in a short period of time. Today, where more and more people are addicted to online platforms delivering web content for entertainment purposes, short films are gaining new ground every day.

Aamir, who started out as a dance assistant, was quickly inspired enough to move on to the famous acting school run by famous international star Anupam Kher, Actor Prepares. He also studied at MAAC and BNA to complement his animation skills. However, he met his epiphany as a filmmaker when he went to the Paris International School of Cinema and Television (EICAR) to further master his craft. He was drawn to the short film genre because “the most important messages can be shown to an audience in a short time”. Aamir is inspired by legendary filmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa, Francis Ford Coppola and Roman Polanski. For him, the power of international cinema is unlimited and he believes that society can benefit from the news and the burning issues highlighted by this medium.

Currently based in London, Aamir has also worked as a digital marketing manager in addition to making promotional videos and photographs for travel companies like Booking.com and Expedia. The London Academy Award is, in a way, a milestone in his journey from Lucknow to London. However, he’s not one to rest on the laurels of the past. In addition to realizing his dream of making cinema.

Aamir Nawab also believes in versatility in his professional career and owns several companies including his Top Class Car trading company named “Auto Connection Ltd”. He is the director of this company, which he launched in 2019, around the time COVID-19 started. The company rents vans for delivery. After proving himself to the worldwide brotherhood, Aamir now wants to return to his roots in India and make a film here.

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