Anthony Hayes (Producer/Director/Co-Writer) of “Gold” Launches Innovative Crypto-Movie Ecosystem


Melbourne, Australia–(Newsfile Corp. – April 29, 2022) – Screenwriter, director, actor and producer, Anthony Hayes is known for his international endeavors with a host of Hollywood acting talents that include Gold, War machine, The light between the oceans, the rover and Animal Kingdomhas launched an innovative new crypto film ecosystem for its upcoming sci-fi film trilogy project Retrogression.


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Riding on the planetary success of “Gold“, Hayes launched the RTGN token which is part of a great effort to build a strong relationship between Hollywood and the crypto industry from the ground up.

The storyline for the first installment of the Sci-Fi film franchise was specifically written to incorporate a host of cryptographic links and utilities, including the creation and development of an NFT-based P2E game based on the film and built on Unreal Engine, an emerging filmmaker streaming platform that rewards filmmakers and audiences with the native RTGN token for engagement and the upcoming launch of their NFT marketplace, as well as staking.

“As part of a major effort to properly marry the film and crypto industries, the team and I have developed a series of film and game-related utilities that are self-sufficient, use the native RTGN token and act as a source of revenue for the growth of the RTGN token and ecosystem.As an entertainment-based ecosystem, it is important to reward engagement and provide utility that targets young movies and crypto demographics and supports the chart at the same time,” Hayes said.

The streaming platform is free for the viewer. Released just a few days ago, it’s already enjoying wide engagement with over 40,000 organic views and is already home to a number of impressive shorts, including Oscar nominees and Palme d’Awards winners. gold in Cannes. A major marketing campaign is about to kick off across major film crafts, blogs, online publications and social media.

The Retrogression Film Crib is currently being developed to include native iOS and Android mobile and TV apps. The revolutionary platform evolving into a mega media hub, offering a single place to access all their content needs, starting with short films and going through live video and game streaming, feature films and documentaries freelancers, audiobooks, music podcasts, editing and visual effects. tools and more, all for which the Framework has already been integrated into the platform.

“We are creating a free entertainment portal, direct from emerging filmmaker to audience, a one stop shop for short film entertainment and one where filmmakers are duly rewarded without intermediaries. As the platform grows, it will become a valuable resource for budding youngsters It’s up to those of us who find success to pay for it in any way we can and we plan to bring a lot of young filmmakers into crypto and specifically our RTGN token by as holders,” Hayes said.

NFT’s first drop is expected any day now and will take the form of an entertaining and cryptic treasure hunt with an impressive array of character concept art based on the game and the movie, prob NFT , real estate NFTs, executive producer credit NFTs, rare NFTs, and will be heavily story-based. NFT collectors will be able to choose team-based NFTs based on characters and adversaries from the movie and deepen the narrative of a story as they add to their collections.

“We want to bring story-driven NFTs to the forefront of the space, not just as art and utility, but to engage NFT collectors in a narrative that feeds into film and game and enriches the plot. background and characters significantly.In the same way that Star Wars takes us deeper into the world of secondary characters and enhances the overall narrative, we too will take NFT collectors on a storytelling adventure. And in this regard, we are deepening the relationship between the collector and our ecosystem.

A major partnership with a renowned NFT game studio, responsible for creating one of the most widely used NFT game platforms in the world, is to be announced soon. The partnership will see the Unreal Engine P2E NFT game development based on the film, the creation of exclusive character art and utility-based NFTs, and be hosted on a multi-million dollar metaverse.

“We are extremely excited about the announcement of our NFT and gaming partnership, it’s a huge deal for a newly launched project and working with real leading experts in the field of crypto, NFT and entertainment is a huge boost for the whole ecosystem we have created.”

The RTGN token launched with a market cap of 2M USD and reached a peak of 7.5M after thirty minutes, before finding a strong low of 3M. With a hefty five-month vesting period and a 12-month team token vesting period as well as 1.2 million cash locked up for twelve months through their official security partnership with launcher Unicrypt.

“The heavy acquisition, liquidity lock, strong launch liquidity, and organic growth of this token are key to achieving our long-term goals for the project. RTGN is a revolutionary way to fund a film and retain the power and revenue with the Cinematic Content Creator, something the film and entertainment industries desperately need. We hope to create a new model that rewards creators, incentivizes and passes those rewards on to the community. And with the first release next of our NFTs and announcing our partnership with a world-class NFT crypto gaming company and their new multi-million dollar metaverse, we are poised to make this one of the biggest projects on the Ethereum chain in 2022 said Anthony Hayes.


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