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In his new memoir, Call Me by Your Name screenwriter James Ivory reflects on how Shia LaBeouf was almost picked and then bluntly let go.

Call me by your name Screenwriter James Ivory reveals the story of Shia LaBeouf’s quasi-casting. Based on André Aciman’s novel, Call me by your name was brought to the big screen in 2017 by director Luca Guadagnino. It starred Timothée Chalamet as Elio Perlman, a seventeen-year-old boy who falls in love with his father’s research assistant (Armie Hammer) during a hazy Italian summer. Call me by your name was a smash hit, totaling $ 41.9 million on a budget of $ 3.5 million en route to four Oscar nominations. Ivory won the award for best adapted screenplay.

Call me by your name‘Sa surprise success leads to discussions about a sequel, with Guadagnino professing he’d like it to happen. Aciman published a follow-up book in 2019, although it looked like the film would follow a different story. In 2020, Guadagnino suggested Call me by your name 2 had been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, then later hinted it wasn’t a priority for him. As of this writing, the fate of the sequel remains unanswered.

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As fans wait for more news on the sequel, Ivory draws attention to the first Call me by your name with his new memoirs, entitled Solid ivory. In an excerpt shared by GQ, the prolific writer once again spoke about the film’s lack of frontal nudity (something he has criticized before) and revealed new details about Shia LaBeouf’s near-casting. There was a time when LaBeouf was considered for the role of Oliver, which ultimately went to Hammer. Ivory shared the behind-the-scenes story of this, writing:

Shia LaBeouf was also let loose like this. He had been contacted for the role of Oliver. At that, I was dubious. I didn’t know much about him so I watched some of his movies. He’s a very good actor. But as an academic writing on the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, it would be overkill. Well, I thought he would be some kind of diamond scholar, like my friend Bruce Anawalt. Shia came to New York to read us with Timothée Chalamet, paying for his own plane ticket, and Luca and I were blown away. The reading of the two young actors had been sensational; they were a very convincing hot couple. But then, too, Shia was abandoned. He had had bad publicity. He had fought with his girlfriend; he had pushed the police away somewhere when they tried to calm him down. And Luca wouldn’t call him, or his agent. I emailed Shia reassuring him, but Luca then chose Armie Hammer and never spoke to Shia or him again.

Armie Hammer in Call me by your name

It would have been back in 2015-2016. Since then, LaBeouf has been prosecuted for sexual assault and alleged sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs, which led to Netflix removing him from its awards campaign for the film. Pieces of a woman earlier this year. He was also fired from Olivia Wilde Don’t worry darling after apparently acting hard on the set. LaBeouf’s Call me by your name the outing was years before all of this, but controversies have followed the actor for some time. It’s probably safe to say Call me by your name was better off without him.

Ironically, Hammer himself recently suffered a fall from grace. Earlier this year, Hammer was accused of sexual assault and abusive behavior by a number of women, a move that was partially sparked by the leak of several strange DMs. As a result, Hammer was pulled from a number of projects like Hunting rifle wedding and the Broadway play Minutes. Coming back to Call me by your name sequel, it seems unlikely that could ever happen with Hammer returning as Oliver. It’s a little sad to see Call me by your name managed to dodge one controversial actor and do away with another, but at least the film itself remains a fond memory for those who love it.

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Source: GQ

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