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Candance Myers, a 2014 graduate, is part of Utica College’s rich alumni network, particularly in the journalism and public relations departments. Myers, who earned his bachelor’s degree in public relations and journalism, moved on to independent television production, but hasn’t forgotten his UC roots.

“I always knew I wanted a career in television or radio and I also had a passion for writing,” she said. “I fought if I should have majored in communications or journalism for a while and I ended up choosing journalism because deep down I’m a journalist and someone who loves storytelling. “

What Myers liked the most about the Utica College program was the ability to speak with professors during their office hours.

“I’ve done this with Professor Kim Landon a lot and it was always a good time,” said Myers, former editor of The mandarin.

Perseverance and determination

After Myers graduated from college, she faced challenges and found herself hunting for her dream job three years after leaving UC.

This experience helped her keep her feet on the ground and have faith, which ultimately helped her land a job as an office assistant for The real housewives of New Jersey. She then worked on other projects such as The real housewives of New York, the Race in America series, Facebook Return of the favor, hosted by Mike Rowe, and currently Netflix strange eye.

Photo by Ryan M. Collerd / Netflix / Ryan M. Collerd / Netflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

Not finding the right job right away was a frustrating experience. She remained positive and continued to network, conducted informational interviews and left options open for exciting opportunities.

“I did my research on the key players in business,” she said. “I applied and just bided my time. However, my frustration with seeing things not going as fast as I would have liked is what led me to meet my first boss on TV.

Porter UC and Hometown Pride

Myers grew up in Harlem, a place she holds dear to the bottom of her heart.

“Growing up in Harlem was pretty cool,” she said. “There is so much history there that every day it was like a history lesson walking down 125th Street. I love the culture of Harlem. I carry my Harlem pride with me everywhere I go.

The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem also holds a special place in his heart. It was her first job as a teenager and the organization hired her in between jobs as a recent college graduate.

“They allowed me to create my own programming to teach editing and filmmaking to elementary school students,” Myers said. “They allowed me to match my world with theirs so that I could feel empowered. I now create content for BGCH and also act as a producer and videographer for events.

Maintaining a relationship with his former teachers at Utica College is also important to Myers. Earlier this month, she was the guest speaker at a “Real Talk” event hosted by the Raymond Simon Institute for Public Relations and Journalism.

Myers gave advice to students and shared some of his professional experiences. Some former teachers, like Landon, remember her as a reliable and hardworking student.

“I could tell she had goals and was serious about pursuing them,” Landon said. “Her work ethic sets her apart from her peers, especially at The Tangerine. This is one of the reasons she became editor-in-chief.

To look forward

Her current goals include remaining in the profession of a freelance producer.

“I love my freedom,” she said. “I can decide when I want to start looking for work. If I just finished a show that was filmed for four months and decide I need a few weeks off, I can take a few weeks.

She will also continue to be a resource for alumni of Utica College and its current students. Myers enjoys giving advice and guiding a student in need. According to Myers, internship and relationship building are essential at the start of a career.

“Build relationships with the people in the industry they’re looking to pursue,” Myers said. “Relationships are essential. As cliché as it sounds, sometimes it’s really about who you know that can get you in.



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