Doctor Strange 2 Writer Regrets Setting the Rules of the Multiverse to Loki


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens in theaters this week as one of the most anticipated MCU Phase 4 projects to date. It’s also the first MCU movie to bring the multiverse to the fore rather than just being a minor plot element. The multiverse has been referenced in strange doctor, The ant Man, Infinity War, End of Game, Wanda Vision, Loki, What if…?and No coming home.

Doctor Strange 2 will be a complete multiverse story that builds on the events of these movies and TV shows. End of Game and Loki played a pivotal role in setting the rules for time travel, although time travel doesn’t fully cover it. The Avengers traveled between universes at specific points in time End of Game. Loki developed these rules further, revealing the person who had been pulling the strings all along.

But the Doctor Strange 2 the writer just said that the rules of the multiverse laid out in Loki may be too harsh. Attention, some spoilers may follow below.

Fact Loki cause Multiverse of Madness?

Just a few days ago I watched the big Loki reveal from a different point of view in order to Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the one who saw only one way to victory in Infinity War. In just one of the more than 14 million future variants Stephen inspected, the Avengers won.

But the reason it happened is because Kang (Jonathan Majors) designed reality that way. He and his TVA ensured that the MCU timeline progressed in a specific way, which involved beating Thanos (Josh Brolin) in a specific way.

Kang (Jonathan Majors) in Loki’s finale. Image source: Marvel Studios

Loki also told us that the first version of Kang we encountered gave up control at some point as the Avengers saved reality in the main MCU universe. The MCU timeline was free to branch out from that point on, and the multiverse expanded.

The events that followed, like Strange playing with the multiverse in No coming home help Peter Parker (Tom Holland), are possible because the TVA no longer monitored the primary reality. And Marvel has confirmed that it is.

That’s all to say that Loki is easily the most important MCU TV show on Disney+ when it comes to its impact on the MCU.

the Odd Login to Loki season 2

The events in Doctor Strange 2 just follow what happened in No coming home. And they’re possible because the He Who Remains version of Kang got bored. Or mad. Or a combination of both. But there’s something in Loki that Michael Waldron would like to resume.

Waldron wrote the first Loki season before moving Doctor Strange 2 keep telling multiverse stories. This transition has ensured great cohesion when it comes to tackling this particular topic. And Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has long been rumored to appear in Multiverse of Madness.

Loki and Sylvie in Loki’s season finale. Image source: Marvel Studios

Talk to digital spy, Waldron refrained from confirming any specific ties between the two projects or surprise cameos. But he teased that ties exist between these projects, one of which is between Multiverse of Madness and Loki season 2.

“Well, I mean, look, everything leads to everything, right?” he said. “We hired some great directors. [Justin] Benson and [Aaron] Moorhead [Loki season 2 directors] are brilliant. And Eric Martin took over as head writer for Season 2.”

“So the creative team is fantastic. Like Tom [Hiddleston, who plays Loki] once said, there is still plenty of mischief to come.

What is the mysterious rule of the multiverse in Loki?

But Waldron also revealed some interesting information about Loki. The rules of the multiverse might be too strict for the good of the MCU.

“We have worked hard enough to Loki to make it as watertight as possible,” he said. “But there were times when I was like, ‘Oh shit, I wish I hadn’t defined this so clearly. I don’t know why I had to be so specific in my time travel TV show about the rules of the multiverse.

Wanda and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer
Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the Multiverse of Madness trailer Image source: Marvel Studios

“But, I was glad that I came with institutional knowledge of the multiverse and was able to get the creative team from strange doctor on the same page as me on everything. Because, as with Lokithat’s the most important thing when you’re dealing with this.

“You all need to have a common language for all of this, otherwise it can get quite confusing,” he concluded.

Unfortunately, Waldron never explained the rule of the multiverse he laid out so clearly in Lokiand how it might have had an impact Doctor Strange 2. Hopefully we learn this secret down the road.

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