Evil Dead The Game: Best Demon Puppeteer Build


If a demon can make a group of survivors in Evil Dead: The Game quit before the match starts, it’s the Puppeteer. And there’s not much mystery as to why. The main mission that gives players the most headaches is the third one due to the fact that it has one of Eligos’ elite units.

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If just one of them regularly ruins people’s chances of victory, just imagine what can happen when it’s controlled by a player and given various skills and upgrades. Sound overkill? He is. But hey, if the demons don’t play to win Evil Dead: The Gameso what’s the point of being the bad guy?


Skill tree

Subtlety is useless. Players will invite their friends and not hold back coordination, so why hold back with the puppeteer’s best unit? The Demi-Eligos can continue to clone themselves, forming an army of warriors while simultaneously striking from afar.

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Some builds like to enhance the fear side of the equation as Eligos gets a boost for fear that his counterparts can’t match. While owning a Survivor has its perks, the right team composition will completely negate Fear as a factor. If there are too many eggs in this basket, it results in a long defeat.

Instead, focus on owning the elite unit. To complement the damage, health and hellish regeneration are also going to be important factors. Kandarian Fury gives players 3% more damage per second they have a unit, meaning survivability translates directly into damage. With this build, the damage is such that survivors can die in a few hits towards the end of the match.


To maximize the possession duration of the Elite Demi-Eligos, players will need to invest in three major upgrades: Infernal Energy, Portal: Elite, and Possession. These can be maxed out very early and this is a great time to strike, as survivors won’t have the gear they need to survive such encounters.

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Don’t feel the need to own every Half-Eligos; the AI ​​is a nightmare to fight when in control of the unit. Once these upgrades are complete, it’s all about supporting that unit with the boss. Invisibility and ranged attacks should distract the team long enough for the clones to overwhelm them no matter what console they’re playing on.

It’s a simple strategy but it’s incredibly effective. Groups of four will be better equipped to handle the elite unit than the one that spawns in the single-player mission, but that’s without any upgrades. With a few boosts and player control, it becomes just as much of a nightmare as before.

Evil Dead: The Game was released on May 13, 2022 and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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