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High Point, NC – The High Point Theater will officially launch its’ Passport to Entertainment ‘performances on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., when David Pendleton brings his adorable cast of comedic characters to life in’ Anything Can Talk! Not only an amazing audience with her ability to make them believe anything can talk, the sharp-tongued Aunt Tilly, troublemaker Mack Elroy, moron hound Buford and slightly stray vulture Vern will guarantee a good time. passing each member of the family.

Original characters that will make the audience laugh from start to finish.

A 20-year veteran artist and one of the nation’s earliest ventriloquists, David Pendleton started out in the business like many others – a fascination with puppets when he was young and the television shows that featured them, one of his favorites being “Mr. Moose” on Captain Kangaroo, as well as all the creatures of Sesame Street. For his sixth birthday, his grandparents bought him the only toy he begged for, a model “Charley McCarthy”. He notes: “My grandmother was smart enough to include a record made by ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson in the gift. Jimmy Nelson’s record is probably responsible for teaching the craft to a whole new generation of ventriloquists. At eight, he first performed on a real stage in front of an audience of Cubs, and soon after entertained audiences at birthday parties, local service clubs and church functions. In high school, he made a real name for himself for the school’s annual talent show with a professional ventriloquist named “Otis”. During his college days at Ohio University, he landed a job at the theme park where he developed his number and greatly honed his ventriloquist skills.

David Pendleton’s flawless technique as a ventriloquist sets him apart from almost all other ventriloquists. He will not only amaze audiences with his ability to make them believe anything can talk, but his comedy act will have them laughing from start to finish as well. David brings a cast of comedic characters to his show, including lovable but straightforward Aunt Tilly, a 94-year-old maid; the classic quick-witted troublemaker Mack Elroy; the silly but adorable hound, Buford; and the slightly stray albino vulture, Vern. And, no show would be complete without a few surprise appearances from audience members as well!

“Whether you’re eight or eighty, this seasoned professional ventriloquist will have you going,” notes David Briggs, director of High Point Theater. “At the end of the series, Pendleton’s likeable and endearing characters will truly make you believe that ‘anything can talk!’

Tickets are $ 30 to $ 35 Adults / $ 10 Students, available by calling the box office at 336-887-3001 or online at

About the High Point Theater

Owned and operated by the Town of High Point, the High Point Theater is ideally located in the International Home Furnishings Center at the corner of Commerce Avenue and Hamilton Street at High Point. The theater has an elegant 965-seat auditorium with continental-style seating, three exhibition galleries for meetings, exhibitions and receptions, and free parking.



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