Former East Sussex Britain’s Got Talent ventriloquist opens up about career as show returns to ITV



The talent show can be an emotional roller coaster and often has the viewers and judges of the show in bursts of laughter or floods of tears with its various acts. The show has become a platform for all kinds of performers who might otherwise go unrecognized.

The show returned to our screens on a Saturday night a few weeks ago and former East Sussex contestant Steve Hewlett reflected on his huge success on the show and how it changed his life. .

Steve is a ventriloquist, and in 2013 he wowed the judges with his talent and his sidekick Arthur Lager.


The 44-year-old dad’s life changed overnight when he found himself in the semi-finals of the competition.

Life has changed dramatically for Steve since then.

He said: “As Britain’s Got Talent is starting up again, I look back on fond memories of my TV hiatus on BGT, it gave me great exposure on TV’s biggest talent show for variety acts.

“The highlights since the show is scheduled to tour America with the Osmonds.


“I will never forget working with the famous Osmond Brothers, an entertainment phenomenon who took the world by storm.

“As we wrapped up a five-week season together in Branson, Missouri, at the Moon River Theater in November and December 2016, I remember thinking I was hopping on a tour bus and touring America with the Osmonds.

“I remembered old TV footage of fans screaming and chaos just trying to get on the bus leaving the theater, but, in 2016, as we were preparing the long season for the US tour dates, and going up on the tour bus everyone was snoring within half an hour.

“I enjoyed that, of course, because the brothers were no longer teenagers – they were in their fifties and sixties. It’s yet another moment that I will never forget.


Steve enjoyed events others could only dream of and was able to introduce his wife to Her Majesty The Queen.

He said: “I have met brilliant events such as supporting Kenny G at the Royal Albert Hall or presenting my wife Nina to HM The Queen and HRH Prince Phillip in their own living room at an event at Buckingham Palace in 2014 .

“It was celebrating 125 years of the Great Order of Water Rats, a charity I’m proud to be a part of.”

Steve describes his UK tour with his own theater performance in 2014 and 2018 as “a dream come true”.

However, Steve’s life, like the rest of us, has taken a dramatic turn, due to the coronavirus crisis and with the theaters closing, live performances in their usual form are on hold. It uses wisley time and creates more material while locking

He said: “After writing a brand new show about my lead character Arthur Lager, I kicked off a third tour called Arthur Lager ‘Gets Real’ in Hastings on March 11-12 this year, but it was the last once I worked with a live audience.

“Being locked up like my models gave me time to polish this touring show and prepare it for our return to the stage and I can edit my next book Ventriloquet which I’ve been working on for 12 years.

“This is my biggest project to date. And involves most ventriloquists around the world.

“Since the lockdown I have stayed positive, I have been a homebound father, husband, chef, teacher alongside my wife Nina as we teach our daughters at home.

“I’ve done shows, interviewed, made music and comedy videos, and been on a lot of friends online shows as a guest.

“The most popular thing I posted was a rendition of Matt Lucas’ song Baked Potato Song, which me and Arthur Lager covered. Matt loved having over 64,000 views in 48 hours.

“I have always worked hard to surpass myself but at the same time to make people smile, even for a few minutes. In a moment like this, not everyone wants to see my act or laugh, but if they do, I will continue to entertain to keep myself sane until the curtains open and the lights come back on.


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