Former WWE Writer Offers Bray Wyatt A Contract With New Promotion – TJR Wrestling


Actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. is launching a new pro wrestling promotion, and he’s targeting Bray Wyatt as the centerpiece.

Fighting selection reported last month that Bray Wyatt received an offer from a “start-up wrestling company,” and it’s now been confirmed to be Prinze’s. The level of interest in “The Fiend” is currently unknown, however, the offer is said to be “serious”.

Recently on his Fight with Freddie podcast, Prinze Jr. officially confirmed that the offer to Wyatt came from him. Prinze Jr. also announced that his promotion is still set to launch and is close to a TV deal, and they also have a deal in place with a female wrestler who has a big name and is loved by fans.

“So I keep moving forward. I have a finished script. I have two producers who are both interested in wanting to partner with me on this. I don’t have a TV deal in place, but I’m very close to that. It’s weird to share dreams for two reasons; First, once you have released the energy, it is there and it is no longer within you. Then you need to find a new way to challenge yourself.

Second, I hate to announce a deal before there’s ink on the paper because until there’s ink on the paper, your script is nothing, your federation is n nothing, it’s just an idea. I have a script in place that people have been incredibly receptive to and I’m working on filling out a list. I have a female in place that a lot of people know and love. Everyone knows I love Bray Wyatt. It was reported that I was the one who made the offer, and of course I will confirm that. I made an offer there, and I think it’s a creative offer.

Financially, I couldn’t compete with WWE, but I put other things in there that I think are important to Bray Wyatt. I don’t think I’ll get it over the weeks, but we’ll see. We never know. If I don’t, I’ll change gears again like I did last time. It’s a speed bump in the road and I’m going to find the next person and rework the story to make it happen. But whoever my main guy is, that’s where it’s going to revolve in the wrestling half of things.

Prinze Jr. said earlier this year that he wanted his promotion to start in the next 18 monthswhich was back in May, marking the current month’s tally at 13.

Fighting selection recently reported that the revelation of the “White Rabbit” mystery will take place this Saturday at WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Eventand it is believed to be Bray Wyatt behind the tease.

H/T at Fighting selection for the transcription.


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