How to Fight the Puppeteer (Survivor’s Guide)


The Puppeteer is one of the three demon classes in Evil Dead: The Game, and it can be difficult to win a match as a Survivor team against this enemy.

Win a match as the survivor against the puppeteer in Evil Dead: The Game is difficult, especially when the opposing player’s demon is maxed out, but there are a few tricks that can help combat this class. The Puppeteer’s active skill combined with a reduced recharge rate can mean that the opposing player constantly has units with increased health and damage. To defeat the puppeteer, the survivor team will need a good strategy that limits the number of units the puppeteer summons or possesses.

Like the Warlord and Necromancer Demon classes in Evil Dead: The Game, the puppeteer can summon base, elite, and boss units during the match. The Deadite Berserker, Demi Eligos, and Eligos each have their own passive skills and abilities that can be upgraded by spending points in the skill tree. Those who choose to play as a Survivor should consult the Puppeteer Ability Skill Tree to help develop a good strategy.


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Once leveled up, the Puppeteer is arguably the hardest demon class to defeat in Evil Dead: The Game. Puppeteer abilities increase the fear survivors receive when attacked by a possessed unit, as well as that unit’s damage and health. Passive skills unlocked when the puppeteer levels up enhance these buffs, so survivors must have a way to quickly exorcise any possessed unit.

Best Strategies for Defeating the Puppeteer in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game Best Puppeteer Skills To Get First Puppeteer Units

One of the best evil Dead The survivors to have in a team against the puppeteer is Hunter Ash as he has the ability to exorcise any possessed survivor or base unit. Additionally, if the skill is used on an elite or boss unit, the infernal energy will be drained from the demon. This active ability is extremely useful when fighting the puppeteer as many of his skills and upgrades are possession-based.

Dealing with the Eligos boss unit is difficult as it is invisible while moving. When Eligos spawns, it helps to have a higher tier warrior nearby to take some hits and deal big damage. Damage can also be increased by a leader like Ash Williams (Ash Vs Evil Dead). To avoid constantly fighting elites and possessed units throughout the match, the Survivor team must complete objectives quickly.

To start, a Survivor should head for the first piece of map, with the others covering the immediate area around it. Map pieces spawn close to each other, so cover should allow survivors to Evil Dead: The Game to quickly move to the next section. Usually it’s easier to split into two groups and tackle the pages and the dagger simultaneously. However, it can be difficult without the right survivors to fight the puppeteer. If possible, players should split up, complete the objectives to temporarily banish the demon, then head to the final section. Defeating the puppeteer and winning the match is easier if the Survivor team completes the objectives quickly and has a Warrior class character, as well as Hunter Ash.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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