It’s because of my mother that I’m a sports writer



Hello readers, I’m Adam Evarts the new sports writer here at Valencia County News Bulletin.

Adam evart

I wanted to introduce myself to you a bit more than just the sports writing that you read by me.

For starters, I’ve always loved sports journalism, especially the older sports journalism. The days of Red Smith, Grantland Rice, Dick Schaap, Frank Deford, Jimmy Breslin, Sid Hartman, etc., have always fascinated me and had a place in my heart.

To work in a newspaper the same way as these big newspapers is always surreal to me.

Here are some interesting facts about me: I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. My paternal grandparents are to blame for this as they lived three hours from Chicago. My summers visiting them were filled with Cubs baseball on WGN.

I have three dogs: a Yorkie and Pomeranian mix, a husky and golden retriever mix and a chihuahua mixed with a hunting dog. The last 15 years ago and mostly looks like a hunting dog outside his ears.

Another aspect of my life that I love is science fiction. I am a huge fan of “Star Trek” and have been known to attend the occasional episode of “Stargate”.

I also like some TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s. The “Becker” show with Ted Danson is one of my all-time favorites, as is “Frasier” which, by the way. , is of course a spin-off of “Cheers”, in which Danson also starred. maybe I’m a fan of Danson himself.

I grew up in the age of video games. I am nostalgic for old systems. The Sega Genisis is probably my favorite, but can play Super Nintendo as well.

Growing up, I always listened to the radio, especially the radio. Some of the conversations I overheard between listeners and hosts always seemed to amuse me. Some still do, but not as much as before.

Back to journalism.

I think my interest in journalism, especially sports journalism, started the night I was born.

On a snowy night in Wisconsin after my mom gave birth to me, she quickly asked me what the final scores of the University of Iowa football and basketball games were. I’m pretty sure it was this conversation that planted the seed in my brain to cover sports. Of course, it didn’t hurt that my mom listened to the evening news or sports on the weekends instead of cartoons for myself.

It also didn’t hurt that my mom bought me a sports almanac every year for Christmas so I could read sports articles and check scores from years past.

How I got to New Mexico isn’t too strange a story. My maternal grandparents got tired of the Midwestern winters and decided it was time to move to a much warmer climate. My mother followed them here when I was 3 years old. I’ve been here ever since, which for me is a shame as I love snow and I’m not in the right area for it. Great New Mexico food keeps me here. This I have no doubt.

So that’s me in a nutshell, and now I’m covering sports for a newspaper, just like this little boy in a Wisconsin hospital wanted to do.



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