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American actor Jon Hamm is best known for his Emmy-winning role as philandering publicity director Don Draper in AMC’s “Mad Men”.

Who is Jon Hamm?

Born March 10, 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri, Hamm overcame the loss of both parents before graduating to become a successful actor. Early screen works included a role in the TV drama Providence, but that was his performance as philandering advertising director Don Draper on AMC Mad Men this propelled him to fame and led to two Golden Globes and an Emmy win. Hamm has since made significant contributions to films like The day the earth stood still, bridesmaids, Million dollar arm and Baby Driver.


Jonathan Daniel Hamm was born March 10, 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her father, Dan, had two daughters from his first marriage. His family had owned a successful trucking business in St. Louis for generations, but the business declined as Jon grew.

After his parents divorced when he was just 2 years old, Hamm lived with his mother, Deborah, and “tried a lot of different things – violin, football, creative writing,” he said. In the style magazine. “My mom celebrated learning.” He saw his father on weekends.

At the age of 10, Hamm lost his mother to colon cancer, which had spread throughout her body, and he moved into his grandmother’s house with his father. “There were three generations of us living under one roof, which is difficult at the best of times,” Hamm said. GQ. He found refuge in his difficult family life at the Progressive John Burroughs Preparatory School. Some of his friends’ mothers also felt moved to take care of him.

An athlete and performer, Hamm was a linebacker on his school’s football team and starred in a production of Divine spell. He decided to go to the University of Texas, turning down offers to play football at several Ivy League colleges. However, her stay at the school was short, due to personal difficulties. First of all, his grandmother died. Soon after, her father fell ill. After battling his illness, Dan Hamm passed away during Jon’s sophomore year of college. “I suddenly had no parents,” said Hamm. W. “It was like I had no mooring.”

Choosing to complete his education at the University of Missouri, Hamm sought work to support himself and got a job at a local daycare. “Basically I walked out and started like, ‘Here’s the deal. I’ve always been a lenient kid, so I would come home or go to daycare, and there was no never a guy around ‘”, he explained to the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Interest in theater

Hamm also became very active in the university’s theater program. One of his professors, Jim Miller, said that Hamm “was the most intellectual actor I have had in 30 years of teaching,” according to an article in the university’s alumni magazine, Mizzou. He spent two summers performing in the school’s repertoire company, starring Cliff in Cabaret and Leon Colgosz in a production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Assassins.

In 1993, Hamm received a bachelor’s degree in English from the university. He then landed a teaching job at his old school, John Burroughs. For two years Hamm taught drama there, teaching students like Ellie Kemper, who later became a film and television actress. He also befriended promising actor Paul Rudd while living in St. Louis. Rudd described Hamm as “one of those unfair guys who are handsome, really funny, and good at everything,” according to GQ magazine.

In 1995, Hamm decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Packing everything he owned, he drove to his aunt and uncle’s house in West Los Angeles. He stayed with them until he got his own apartment, which he shared with a series of roommates.

Movies & TV Shows

“Space Cowboys”, “Providence”, “Ignite Jessica Stein”

For years, Hamm struggled to find work as an actor. He made his television and film debut in 2000, with small roles in the comedy series The Hughleys and the adventure film Space Cowboys. Landing a recurring role, Hamm appeared in the TV drama Providence from 2000 to 2001. Also around this time, Hamm landed a role on the Los Angeles stage in Lipstick, written by Jennifer Westfeldt and Heather Juergensen. It was made into a 2001 independent film Kissing Jessica Stein, in which Hamm also appeared. Offscreen, he developed a relationship with Westfeldt, and the two eventually moved in together.

‘The Division’, ‘The Unit’

In 2002, Hamm starred in Mel Gibson’s military drama. We were soldiers. He also started his two-year run on crime drama The division, playing Inspector Nate Russo opposite Bonnie Bedelia and Nancy McKeon. After its cancellation, Hamm made appearances on shows such as Charm, CSI: Miami, and Num3rs. He also landed recurring roles in military drama Unity and dramatic comedy What about Brian.

Decisive role as Don Draper in “Mad Men”

In 2007, Hamm took on his most famous character to date, playing Don Draper, director of advertising philandering, on AMC. Mad Men, after auditioning seven times for the role. Located in the 1960s, Mad Men explored the lives of employees at a major New York City advertising agency. The cast also featured January Jones as his wife Betty and John Slattery as boss Roger Sterling. Elisabeth Moss played Peggy, a secretary turned editor on the series.

The Don-Peggy relationship was tough for Hamm, especially when he had to be tough on someone who “looks like he’s about nine. It’s like kicking a puppy,” he said. -he declares. Daily variety. But for Hamm, the character provided the opportunity to stretch as an actor. “Don, in a lot of ways, can be a little mean, and that’s not my favorite thing.… He’s a little mean in a goal, but it was a little difficult,” he explained to the publication.

While promoting the show’s fifth season in 2012, Hamm was caught in a media frenzy for his comments on the reality TV stars in an interview. “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever it is, silliness is certainly celebrated,” he said. Elle United Kingdom. “Being … [an] idiot is a precious commodity in this culture because you are rewarded in a meaningful way. ”Kardashian responded by calling Hamm“ reckless ”for saying she was“ stupid, ”and the actor then said he was surprised by the media attention on his remarks. He said Hollywood journalist that “we live in a world now where every word is micro-analyzed and sometimes taken out of context, sometimes misunderstood”.

Over the course of its course, Mad Men has garnered stellar reviews and won several awards, including the 2011 Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. Hamm personally won the Golden Globes in 2008 and 2016, and received numerous Emmy nominations for his work as Don Draper, winner in 2015.

“The day the earth stood still”, “Stolen”, “Howl”

Stepping away from finely tailored vintage costumes, Hamm appeared in the 2008 sci-fi film The day the earth stood still with Keanu Reeves. He also had roles in the police drama Fly (2009) and the Allen Ginsberg biopic To scream (2010). Showing off his acting skills, Hamm played a recurring role on the hit sitcom. 30 Rock as of 2009, playing the beautiful, but not very bright, neighbor of Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon.

“Friends with children”, “Bridesmaids”

Seeking to gain more control over his career, Hamm started a production company, Points West Pictures, with Westfeldt in 2009. The couple starred in their 2012 film. Friends with kids, which also starred Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. Hamm had also appeared in the 2011 hit comedy Bridesmaids with Wiig, like his cruel love.

“The Million Dollar Arm”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

In 2014, Hamm starred in the heartwarming sports film The million dollar arm. The film is based on the true story of a sports agent who recruits several Indian cricketers and tries to turn them into major league baseball pitchers. The following year he got the chance to work with his former drama student Kemper on his Netflix comedy series. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, for which he won another Emmy in 2015.

“Minions”, “The accompaniment of the Jonses”

After a voice role for the animated feature film Minions (2015), Hamm starred with Gal Gadot as a couple of secret agents who arouse the suspicion of their neighbors in Keep in touch with the Jons (2016). On the small screen, he had a recurring role in Hot and humid American summer: first day of camp, and provided more voice work for the web series Gayl’s Incredible Heap.

“Baby Driver”, “Lucy in the Sky”, “Richard Jewell”

Showing no signs of slowing down, Hamm played a starring role in the 2017 Heist film Baby Driver, and played in Beirut, Label and Bad times at the El Royale in 2018. The following year he appeared in true story movies Lucie in the sky, as an astronaut, and Richard jewell, as an FBI agent.


Hamm and his longtime girlfriend Westfeldt split in 2015, after 18 years together. He has since been linked with actress Dakota Johnson and Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus.

Shortly before the start of the final Mad Men season in April 2015, Hamm revealed he had undergone alcohol abuse rehab. He spoke about this crisis with Australia TV week magazine, noting, “Life throws a lot at you sometimes and you have to deal with it as much as you can.” The actor also said he was very grateful for all the support he received from his family and friends following the news of his time in rehab.



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