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Last Night in Soho screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns reveals that she previously presented a film adaptation of Portal for Valve’s beloved video game.

Last night in Soho screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns reveals she has already launched a Portal film adaptation of Valve’s beloved video game. First released in 2007, Valve’s puzzle platformer title puts players in the shoes of the silent protagonist Chell as she faces a series of challenges by the malicious artificial intelligence GLaDos in the center of the city. scientific enrichment Aperture, the only reward promised being a piece of cake. Chell must use the Aperture Science portable portal to make his way through these test chambers while trying to uncover the mystery behind his arrival at the dilapidated facility.

Portal has received rave reviews from critics and gamers for its unique gameplay, dark sense of humor, and Ellen McLain’s performance as GLaDoS and is widely regarded as one of the greatest video games ever. created. Valve would get to work on a sequel, Gate 2, who would arrive in 2011 to be even more acclaimed for his gameplay expansion, story, writing, and voice expansion with Stephen Merchant as a helpful AI Wheatley and JK Simmons as the founder of Aperture Cave Johnson, who is heard through a series of pre-recordings in the universe to guide the player through the puzzles. Although the popularity of Portal games has led to a number of media and spinoff titles, a movie has yet to materialize, despite the efforts of an early writer.

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By chatting with CinemaBlend for Edgar Wright’s psychological horror thriller, Wilson-Cairns reflected on aspects of her career that haunted her, landing on her failure Portal ground. The Oscar nominee expressed her obsession with the game and recalled the craft “the best story ever“for her pitch, only so that she doesn’t find any interest from the producers. See what Wilson-Cairns said below:

“I’m haunted by things I couldn’t write. You know the Portal video game? I was planning to adapt it and I love this video game, I’m obsessed with it. That was enough. early in my And I made up what I think is the best story ever, and presented it, and they were like “no.” And sometimes at night I play scenes of that in my dreams. It’s the only thing that haunts me is that I couldn’t make the movie Portal. “

Chell GLaDOS Portal

Although Wilson-Cairns has remained silent on the exact details of her Portal pitch of the film, it’s interesting to think about what might have been if she’d had the opportunity to write the adaptation. Wilson-Cairns filmography may not be extensive, but it is already packed with a solid body of work, most notably for his Oscar-nominated work with Sam Mendes for the war drama. 1917 as well as Showtime’s critically acclaimed final season Dreadful Penny. His early successes have since earned him high-level work, notably that of Wright. Last night in Soho and co-wrote the screenplay with Taika Waititi Star wars film with the Thor: Ragnarok coxswain.

Wilson-Cairns certainly isn’t the only creative trying his hand at bringing in Valve. Portal to life in movie format. Dan Trachtenberg caught the attention of producers with his short film Portal: no escape, which subsequently landed him the concert of the then-planned film adaptation of Y: The last man and in partnership with JJ Abrams’ 10 Cloverfield Way, his acclaimed debut feature. While Trachtenberg may be busy with Predator prequel Skulls and Wilson-Cairns with Star wars, Abrams is still working hard to bring Portal to life on screen with an anonymous writer writing a screenplay for Warner Bros.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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