Marvel Creates Nova Project With Moon Knight Writer Sabir Pirzada


Nova, who has long been rumored to appear at some point, will star in an upcoming project for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. moon knight scribe Sabir Pirzada will serve as writer for the script, Deadline reports. It has not yet been revealed whether the project will be a movie or a TV series for the Disney+ streaming service. A release date for the project is currently unknown. Like all MCU properties, the series will be produced by Kevin Feige.

Nova, aka Richard Rider, made his comic book debut in a 1976 issue of the Super Adventures series. The hero was created by superstar comic book writer Mark Wolfman. Rider was a member of the Nova Corps, which, like DC’s Green Lantern Corps, is essentially a space police force. While Rider has yet to appear in the MCU, the body has appeared in the first guardians of the galaxy movie. Given the hero’s heavy involvement in space, a project would bring more of an element of sci-fi than fantasy to the MCU. The character’s powers include super-strength, flight, and high resistance to injury. Years after Nova’s introduction, the mantle passed to Sam Alexander, the current Nova in the comics. It is likely that Rider and Alexander will appear in the future project.


The villain of the project has yet to be announced. With the massive amount of human and alien characters, the possibilities are endless. One potential option is the insect-like warlord Annihilus, while another is the planet-eater known as Galactus. Both characters are villains that comic book fans have long been waiting to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans are ready for Nova to appear in the long-running franchise


Nova, in the comics, hasn’t had many interactions with the main MCU characters that fans have come to love. However, he came into conflict with the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls. Aliens were introduced to the MCU in 2019 Captain Marvel film and will play an important role in the next Secret Invasion show on Disney+. Given the MCU’s propensity for heroes to fight side by side, Nova will likely encounter other characters from the long-running franchise.

As with several Marvel writers, Pirzada got the job of Nova by being part of the studio’s writing community. He was part of the writers room for the upcoming TV series moon knight. This project is coming to Disney+ on March 30. In contrary moon knightwhich explores both the realistic and fantastic side of superheroes, Nova will be more of a science fiction production. Another difference is that the former will also take on a darker tone than the latter.

Nova would mark the live-action debut of the titular character. So far, Richard Rider has only made appearances in video games, like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Although relatively unknown to those who don’t read comic books, the MCU has already turned several lesser-known heroes into household names. The Guardians of the Galaxy were an obscure superhero team before their 2014 movie. Nova succeeds, he could be the next relatively unknown character to catch on with comic book and movie fans.

Pirzada is represented by 3 Arts and attorney Kim Stenton.

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