Meet Celia Muñoz, unique ventriloquist from “America’s Got Talent”


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America’s Got Talent fans were surprised by the unique talent of ventriloquist Celia Muñoz during her first audition. Since the art form is so fresh, fans of the show are dying to know more about it. Here’s everything you need to know about Season 17’s unique Ventriloquist.

Celia Muñoz showcases a unique talent on The AGT arrange

Fans quickly noticed that Celia’s act was different from the others as she took the stage without any type of puppet. Instead, she acknowledged that her audition would be a play on how ventriloquists get ready in the morning.

After taking her place on stage, she began by voicing a radio station, followed by flossing and brushing her teeth. Audience members and judges were shocked by his ability to sing with his mouth shut while performing other tasks. Not only is her number unique, but it’s almost perfect. Every moment went down well with the audience, leading to a standing ovation.

Celia’s Ventriloquism is a fresh take on the classic act. Instead of taking the stage with a puppet, this contestant combines music with illusionism to create something completely new. I’m sure it’s no surprise that this To have talent ventriloquist has years of opera singing under his belt.

Before her audition began, the 36-year-old noted that she was inspired by AGT icon Terry Fator while working as an opera singer. Celia was trained as an operatic soprano at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. During her time at the academy, she worked internationally on classical and contemporary opera projects.

She began her career as a classical actress while working with the theater company La Espada De Madera in Madrid, Spain. During this time, she participated in festivals such as the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival. She also won an award from the Finnish Culture Foundation.

Since finding inspiration in Fator, the ventriloquist has been training with Gary Owen – trainer to Darci Lynne Farmer. She also trained with a professional doll manipulation and director of the show “Los Guiñoles de Canal Plus”, Javi Jiménez.

His trip to Got Talent Spain

Celia emerged as one of the first ventriloquists to take the Got Spanish Talenta scene in 2021. She wowed the judges with her quirky number, The Spirit of The Diva. Within the act, she merged ventriloquism and illusionism by conjuring up the spirit through her voice. The judges awarded him the Golden Buzzer for this outstanding performance.

She later returned to the show with a number featuring her puppet, Joselito. During countless weeks of competition, Celia showed off her talent for ventriloquism and opera singing. Audiences loved Celia’s number every week, so it’s no surprise she was crowned first Got Talent Spain winner to be determined by public vote. In addition to her win, she brought in €25,000.

Fans will find out if Celia made it to the next round in the Season 17 premiere of AGT airs Tuesday, May 31 on NBC. Since her act is totally new, we think she will definitely make it to the next round.

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