Michael Eric Dyson: Winsome Sears is “the white supremacist of the ventriloquist”, a black mouth with white ideas | Video



“Look, if you tell black people, look, I’m supporting a nigger, look, there’s a colored person that I’m in favor of, and that colored person gets to undermine, undermine and subvert the very principles that we’re concerned, you’re doing yourself no favors by citing them as an example of your racial progressivism, ”Dyson said.

“There is a black mouth which moves, but a white idea which runs on the trail of the tongue of a figure which justifies and legitimizes white supremacist practices.”

“The right-wing people on the other side don’t get it, it’s politics 101, and it’s race, not even 101. What’s below 101? It’s meadow -K of race. “

JOY REID, MSNBC: If they’re literally trying to ban black books and say, you can’t talk about blacks – black experience, we’re going to take that out of schools because whites don’t like it no, they still want credit, they still want to be able to say it’s not racist.

And, in this case, I just want your comment on that, because the two choices voters had in Virginia were a black woman who shares my daughter’s name and Jamaican heritage and a black – and an Afro. -Latina who is partly Lebanese?

So you had a choice of two brown / black people, and you chose one. Are you getting credit? Do you benefit from a special loan? It’s like having ice cream or cake as two options, but I want credit for reducing my calorie count because I chose ice cream. You had two choices, and they were both black.

Your thoughts?

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: I clearly ate the cake and the ice cream. But what’s interesting – what’s interesting is that you are absolutely right. They want credit to breathe.

They want credit to have – they want credit for having hair in the morning or getting up and brushing your teeth: Look, I did a feat that should be remarkable.

No, you do what all politicians have to do, make choices. The problem here is that they want – they want white supremacy by ventriloquism. There is a black mouth which moves, but a white idea which runs on the trail of the tongue of a figure which justifies and legitimizes white supremacist practices.
We know that we can internalize in our own mind, in our own subconscious, and in our own body the very principles that destroy us. So having a black face speaking on behalf of a white supremacist heritage is nothing new.

And it’s to the chagrin of those of us who study race that whites on the other side and right-handed people on the other side don’t understand, this is politics 101, and this is race. , not even 101. below 101? This is the pre-K of the race.

You should understand the fact that if you tell black people look I support a nigger look there is a colored person that I support and that colored person gets to undermine and undermine and subvert the principles Even those who concern us, you are doing yourself no favors by citing them as an example of your racial progressivism.

So in that sense, they have to have a lesson in Critical Race Theory, so that they can understand what Critical Race Theory is.

And, Joy, we know that. First of all, they are not critical. It has been a long time since they ran a race that is meaningful to our people. And they have no theory.

Critical race theory, we know, comes from critical theory.

The word criticism and theory means let’s be on the side of those who need to be emancipated for the things imposed on them that have enslaved them. That’s all it means. And they invented a whole world, a universe of meaning from that one word.

REID: So let’s talk about Democrats for a minute, because here’s the thing, I said the other day that I think the challenge for Democrats is that they don’t – they also lack vocabulary. to aggressively defend black people. ..

DYSON: Right.

REID: … even though black Americans give 90 percent and black women give 95.96 percent of their votes to Democrats.

And yet when the time comes to stand up for black people – this guy who came along – who is one of the people who came up with this strategy said that the point of claiming critical race theory is this bogeyman is to make the public read something crazy in the newspaper that makes them uncomfortable, and immediately think of Critical Race Theory.

DYSON: Right.

REID: And that’s what they implemented. He said, we’ve decoded the term and we’re going to re-code it to append the whole range of cultural constructs that are unpopular with, he just said Americans, but he really means with white Americans.

Democrats don’t seem to know what to do about it. Can you give – And I don’t care, by the way, as a Democrat. I’m just gonna be real now. Because Democrats can be really irritating. I care because it is the only party on the left that cares about democracy. And since they are the party of democracy, that is why I am saying this, not as a democrat.

But keep going. What – how could they – how could they answer that?

DYSON: They have to answer. First of all, Christopher Rufo does a sort of rhetorical sleight of hand and blackface. He appends Рhe takes a black term or a term generated from African American and progressive legal theory and uses it as the b̻te noire, boy and girl whipping of the right against progressives.

And they don’t even realize that he’s a black eye literally and a black guy metaphorically, all that is to say this. Democrats got it, as they say in Tennessee, dancing with whoever brought you. Dance with the one who brought you.

And if blacks have been endlessly loyal, if blacks have supported this party, Democrats must find a backbone, must find a spirit, and must find the space to articulate valuable lessons here.

And here is the only thing we should learn from the right. To have play. To have manipulation. To have – this is the game we are in. If this is the game we’re in, learn to describe what you do, learn to describe what you mean, learn to describe your goals in such a way that you don’t immediately alienate the people you are trying to support, number one, and, number two, who don’t play easily in the right wing game.

Should we do this? No, but should we? Absolutely correct. Do you want the publicity or do you want the product? If we want the product, then let’s look at how to describe it, how to package it in a way that appeals to the widest possible audience.

REID: Yes, and maybe pass the bills that will help your voting base and your voting rights. I’m just saying.



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