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A bunch of amateur Sherlocks striving to prove they have what it takes to solve a crime in exchange for a lump sum. This is precisely what it is about on Murder Island. While there are plenty of murder mystery fans out there, only a few have a chance to prove their expertise on the show. The best part is that they get help from pro-police forces throughout their journey to uncover the truth about the given bogus cases. While this is a brief description for the uninitiated, let’s dig deeper into the Murder Island release date details for fans around the world.

Murder Island is a favorite for people who love thrillers, specifically murder mystery thrillers. Murder Island is one such program that was recently launched on the Channel 4 network. Two people are invited to play sleuth and solve a murder case. The show seeks to see if two ordinary people can work with a team of professionals to solve the case and bring the criminal to justice. Let’s move on to the spooky Murder Island adventure as we dive into its specifics like Murder Island release date, writer, locations and more.

To solve the crime, eight participants will be divided into four teams of two, and they will be escorted to the scene of the crime upon arrival on the island. The Murder Island show is divided into a series of 6 parts. The filming locations also add to the thrill and anticipation of the audience. The Murder Mystery Stories were written by the eminent Ian Rankin, who is a well-known novelist in the mystery thriller genre. The mysterious cases written by Ian come to life in Scotland’s darkest places, such as the Isle of Gigha.

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This exciting new program follows in the footsteps of Channel 4’s Hunted, in which teams try to avoid being apprehended by an array of police and former police and intelligence personnel. This time, they are the ones who hope to find out who is responsible for the murder just in time before the other teams.

The creepy murder cases written by the writer don’t look fake at all with the brilliant involvement of the contestants and the team. Senior investigative officers will keep an eye on the teams and be able to see errors as they arise and provide their experience.

Murder Island Filming Location: Gigha Island

Charly Hendricks’ corpse is discovered in a dilapidated house she was renting from a local landlord. There will be clues as to who she is among the medical examiners. This causes the noob detectives to uncover the obscure. After that, the people who solve the crime will be eligible for a reward of £ 50,000. Woah this figure sounds and looks rich, we imagine the pride it gives to whoever wins. Now let’s see the Murder Island release date.

Release date

Murder Island is set to break screens in the UK on October 5, 2021 on Channel 4 at 9:30 p.m. GMT. This is a set of 6 episodes that will air over the next few weeks. Murder Island is also available on The 4 streaming services. The UK Murder Island release date is 9:30 p.m.

Murder Island release date
Gigha Island, Scotland


Ian Rankin is well known for his detective and mystery thriller books, which have also been adapted for movies and TV shows. His landmark works include “In a House of Lies”, “Black and Blue”, “Knots and Crosses” and which may forget his famous creation by John Rebus. This character was adapted by the ITV network show called “Rebus”. The Rebus show starred John Hannah and Ken Stott and had an extensive broadcast on ITV for five seasons.

The famous writer is from Cardenden, Scotland, and is currently based in Edinburgh, where most of his work takes place, and is considered a key contributor to the Black Tartan genre.

“When it comes to writing a thriller, I usually make the decisions, taking audiences only to the places I want them to go and only introducing them to the characters I want them to see,” said Ian Rankin said when asked about the series.

Stay tuned for more on the latest updates from the “Murder Island” show.

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