New Iron Man Writer Angel Series Announced



Angel, the Buffy the vampire slayer universe vampire with a soul, returns in a new series in 2022. Boom Studios has announced a new eight-part angel Eisner Award-nominated writer Christopher Cantwell’s series (Iron Man, Captain America’s United States), artist Daniel Bayliss (WWE The New Day: The Power Of Positivity, Labyrinth: crowning), colorist Patricio Delpeche (Origins), and letterer Becca Carey. This news is Boom’s latest Buffyverse announcement after revealing the upcoming post-apocalyptic series Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer. In the turn of Cantwell and his collaborators on the angel Formula, Angel leads a double life of a monster fighter by night and a TV series star by day, with none other than his partner, Cordelia Chase.

“I love writing character set stories, stories about seemingly random individuals who suddenly find themselves trapped in the eye sockets of others. angel has one of the best ensembles to ever grace the television screen, and their story is the story of a choice family, “Cantwell said in a press release.” When BOOM! approached me, I jumped at the chance to honor and celebrate the original series in a new way, pulling on a few loose threads and weaving new ones. He takes all of the characters and plays 52 cards with them, reshuffling their roles and identities in a literal alternate universe that looks and feels like Angel, but is something else entirely, too. ”

(Photo: BOUM! Studios)

Bayliss adds: “I love what BOOM! Studios has done with this series and especially what our amazing writer Chris Cantwell is doing with this story! Here you will see all of our favorite characters in a slightly different reality and yet they all maintain their heart and humor in a very entertaining story and with unexpected twists. It gave me the opportunity as an artist to portray great action scenes, scary creatures and demons, but what I likes it the most is that Chris also goes a little deeper with the characters and the interactions between them, with more personal situations with which we can come closer to the characters. For me, it’s the heart and the soul of the show, and these are my favorite scenes when I put ink on the page. “

“Angel has always been a contradiction between good versus evil, spotlight versus shadows, and the tortured past versus the future redeemer, which makes Chris and Daniel’s vision of this version of the iconic vampire so delightful as they imagine a universe where Angel’s identities and worlds collide, “said Sierra Hahn, editor-in-chief of BOOM! Workshops.” It’s just magical hijinks, mysterious Big Bads and tons of secrets in this new version ANGEL characters you know and love. “

What do you think? Are you excited about a new angel series? Let us know in the comments. Angel # 1 goes on sale in January.



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