Puppeteer developer wants to make a sequel



Puppeteer Gavin Moore’s Creative Director comments on the direction he’d like to take from the classic PS3 into a bigger series.


Before moving on to the management of Demon souls remake, SIE Worldwide Studios’ Gavin Moore pioneered the now cult classic Puppeteer for the PS3. However, while responding to some fans familiar with the eight-year-old game, Moore has made it known how he would like to approach his old classic, in a different direction than the PS3 remake. Demon souls.

This recognition of Puppeteer came after a fan responded to Moore’s New Year’s greetings on Twitter, who demanded to see the PS3 classic get either a remaster, if not the full Bluepoint remake treatment. In response, Moore said he wouldn’t want to work on a remaster at this point, but would rather push for new stories in an expanded setting. Puppeteer series.

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Instead of remaking or remastering Puppeteer, Moore is now more interested in developing a sequel to tell new stories with what started in 2013. Certainly it wouldn’t be uncommon for the sequel, even for popular games of the time, to ignore a whole generation of consoles. , like the next one Elder Scrolls 6. So this could mean that Moore’s intention to see a Puppeteer 2 might not be too out of the question, especially after the director’s recent success with the Demon souls remake.

Considering the general reception of the game, with an 80% on Metacritic and an 8.4 from users, the problems with Puppeteer maybe not a lack of compelling gameplay or art styles. It may have been more marketing than anything else that has kept players from getting into the game. However, with many PS3 games are disappearing from digital tablets, a remaster or sequel may be required for new players to have access to Puppeteer.

Puppeteer is available now on PS3.

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