Resident Evil Village main villains detailed, include a ghostly Ventriloquist and a Newt


Needless to say, Resident Evil Village’s towering Lady Dimitrescu has been a big hit since she was revealed, but Capcom has hinted on several occasions that she isn’t the game’s only big villain. We’ve already talked about Mother Miranda, the mysterious head of the titular village who is worshiped as some kind of god, but more horrors await. Lady Dimitrescu is just one of the “Four Lords” who serve Mother Miranda, and IGN has detailed the other three in a new article.

Each of the Four Lords is inspired by a classic horror archetype – Lady Dimitrescu is obviously a vampire, Karl Heisenberg is a werewolf, Salvatore Moreau is a twisted sea creature, and Donna Beneviento is a ghost (but maybe not literally) with a scary doll. to start. Here’s a little more detail on the game’s three non-Lady-Dimitrescu villains…

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Karl Heisenberg

As mentioned, Heisenberg appears to be a werewolf and commands the army of “lycan” enemies you’ll face in the game. He also wields a pretty nasty hammer. Its home base is Heisenberg’s Factory, a semi-modern industrial area that lacks the ice and snow of the rest of the Resident Evil Village map.

Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau is inspired by stories of tritons, but don’t think of The Little Mermaid – it’s a Lovecraftian “horrors of the deep” type situation. Capcom says they specifically tried to make Moreau the “most disgusting character on Earth”. Moreau established a base in a marshy reservoir near an abandoned fishing village.

Donna Benevento

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Finally, we have Donna Beneviento, who clearly draws inspiration from haunted house movie imagery. She keeps her face covered at all times and her Angie doll seems to have a mind of her own. Its home base appears to be your classic spooky mansion, which Capcom says might borrow elements from Resident Evil 7’s tense opening hours.

Intriguing stuff! I love that Capcom decided to make Resident Evil Village all types of old school horror movies in one. As a reminder, the second limited-time PlayStation demo, which lets players explore the castle area for 30 minutes, will be available tomorrow (April 24) evening. Capcom has released a newly remixed trailer to get people hyped…

Resident Evil Village will launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia on May 7.


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