SPACE NOVA wins animation at annual Writer’s Guild AWGIE Awards



The SLR Productions original series won the prestigious 54th online awards ceremony, hosted on YouTube.

SLR Productions Original Series Nova Space won the animation category at the prestigious 54e Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE Awards for her episode Seaweed Samba written by John armstrong.

Broadcast live as an online ceremony on YouTube last night, the AWGIE Awards recognize and honor excellence in writing for stage and screen, as well as champions of storytellers who have crafted works of strength, creativity and ambition. The AWGIE Awards are the only writers’ awards judged solely by writers, based on the written screenplay – the writer’s intention rather than the finished product.

Nova’s space Pamela Barnacle is alive and well written by Melanie Alexandre was also nominated in the category. This is the second AWGIE Award win for Nova Space, having won last year in the animation category at 53e AWGIE Awards for the episode Ghost Station written by Thomas Duncan-Watt.

CEO and Executive Producer of SLR Productions, Suzanne ryan, noted:

“SLR Productions is absolutely delighted that John Armstrong won this year’s AWGIE Awards in the animation category for Space Nova for his episode Seaweed Samba. Space Nova has now won this category two years in a row and demonstrates the incredible strength and creativity of the outstanding editorial team led by Editor-in-Chief Thomas Duncan-Watt.

Premiere on 9GO in Australia in 2020 followed by a broadcast on ABC ME, Nova Space was one of the top 50 programs on the Australian public broadcaster this year.

Composed of 26 episodes of 24 minutes, Nova Space is an animated series that follows the Nova family as they embark on an action-packed quest for alien intelligence that will bring them face-to-face with epic life forms, physics-defying phenomena and out of this world planets beyond. beyond their wildest dreams.

The year is 2162 and life is great for space adventurer siblings Jet and Adelaide Nova. Along with their parents, Josie and Hugo, these intrepid Australians spend their days roaming rogue planets, surfing solar flares, and avoiding being eaten by all manner of plants – all in the name of science! Yet what the Novas really want to do is meet intelligent alien life – something humanity has yet to do …

Then everything changes …

During a routine search mission, and after advice from astronomer Janali Banks, the Novas come across an abandoned alien spaceship trapped in a celestial butterfly.

Even more incredible, this contraption – made entirely of rock – appears to be powered by a rainbow substance so powerful that it sends the contraption at speeds that humanity never imagined possible.

Although the Novas are unable to capture the craft or “stardust” that powers it, they now know that there is an advanced and intelligent species that can roam the universe in the blink of an eye and embark on a quest to find them!

Nova Space is an SLR Productions program for ABC, the NINE network and SUPER RTL.

Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Giggle Garage. Funded with support from Create NSW. The Australian Children’s Television Foundation provides educational resources and distributes the series for ANZ.

Key creators include series director Pablo de la Torre; creative director Jo Boag; Episode directors Cindy Scharka, Gie Santos; chief writer Thomas Duncan-Watt; Producer Yasmin Jones, Suzanne Ryan.



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