Steve Sherman, puppeteer, comic book writer and assistant to Jack Kirby, has died


Steve Sherman, renowned puppeteer, assistant and longtime collaborator to Jack Kirby in the 1970s, has died at the age of 72.

Steve Sherman, a renowned puppeteer who was a longtime assistant and collaborator to Jack Kirby, has died at the age of 72.

Sherman first became involved with the comic book legend, known as the “King of Comics”, in college, when Sherman and another young man, Mark Evanier, went to work in 1969 for a mail order company called Marvelmania, which was the official licensee. for Marvel posters and things of that nature. Kirby, naturally, was often asked to produce illustrations for the company. Marvelmania, however, had a number of issues with paying people like Kirby for the art he produced and for sending the products the kids sent money for, and Sherman and Evanier therefore both resigned on principle.

Around this time, Kirby left Marvel to go work for DC Comics and he hired Sherman and Evanier to work as assistants. The two young men served as Kirby’s associate editors on his then-DC projects, such as Fourth World titles such as New Gods, People forever and Mr. Miracle, which introduced Darkseid to the DC Universe. Sherman would later co-create one of Kirby’s last creations for DC during this time, the villainous Kobra, who has since become a mainstay of the DC Universe. During this time, Sherman also co-created a few other properties with Kirby that later became comics for Pacific in the 1980s during the independent comic book boom, namely Silver star and Captain Victory.

After Kirby returned to Marvel, Sherman moved to work for Filmation, the popular animation studio that did a number of comic book-themed projects during this time. Sherman worked on the award winning Star Trek animated series, as well as live action Shazam! Filmation television series (as the company also expanded into live-action projects in the 1970s).

Sherman then worked as a toy developer for a few years before working for Sid and Marty Krofft Productions, where Sherman worked as a puppeteer and also wrote material for their shows, including the nominated puppet-based political satire series. for a price, DC follies.

While still at Kroft, Sherman opened his own independent puppet studio with Greg Williams called, aptly, Puppet Studio. The company produced puppets for the iconic children’s series, Pee-Wee’s playhouse, as well as the award-winning educational television program, Beakman’s world.

Puppet Studio also worked with Mattel on the design of toy lines.

As a puppeteer, Sherman has worked on a few major films, including the first two Men in black movies and Mighty Young Joe.

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