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Tennessee Tribune writer Janice Malone was featured on NewsMax. Read the full article from Tamar Fleishman below.

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By Tamar FleishmanThursday, October 28, 2021 12:57 PMCurrent | Biography | Archive

In today’s blog, we’ll be interviewing Janice Malone.

Malone has worked as a reporter / entertainment reporter for print, radio, television and internet broadcasting. She was the editor of a legendary African-American weekly newspaper in Nashville for over a decade.

Malone is currently the host and producer of the Film Festival Radio Show, a subscribed weekly radio show on KSHP 1400 Talk Radio in Las Vegas and on Tubox 470 of the XM Sirius Radio Network. / safeframe / 1 -0-38 / html / container.html

She sits on the advisory board of the Bel Air Film Festival in Los Angeles and was introduced to internet broadcasting by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

But people are not just what they to do, but more importantly, who they are.

I first met Janice on a press trip to the Appalachian part of Ohio. We stayed in our own cabins with no cell service, 10 miles apart. Just 20 miles away in West Virginia, a horrific crime of kidnapping and torture was discovered with racial overtones. The attackers were on the run. Janice arranged for us to stay in the chef’s multi-bedroom cabin instead for a big slumber party. We were instant BFFs.

We were on a press trip to Sweden once when Janice noticed a 7-Eleven store. She mentioned that it might be worth checking out for her readers. The travel manager took it out on her! The frontman argued that 7-Eleven is not part of Swedish culture and that we are prohibited from writing about it.

Naturally, Janice and I snuck into 7-11. It was so cool and had unique Swedish touches like tubs of loose candy including Swedish fish (which they just call ‘fish’).

I interviewed Janice over the phone.

In early 2020, I was amazed to see a photo you posted: traveling on a plane back from California, wearing a mask. You were the first person I saw wearing one and I thought, “This new disease must be really spreading out there.” I took pity on you!

I had just recovered from the flu myself. I wasn’t taking any risks, that’s why I wore the mask and gloves. I feel like I had Covid, because everything they gave me for the flu didn’t work. What worked was homeopathic remedies, I made my own juices. (No matter what it was) just left.

How did you decide to move from Nashville to Las Vegas?

I thought there would be better personal opportunities and the international nature of entering entertainment artists, diverse genres.

I know you were very close to your mother and lost her not long ago. What life lessons has she taught you?

She taught me a lot about not giving up. She belonged to the Church of God in Christ. She always said, “Whatever you do, don’t forsake God.

My father was a pastor. He said, “Your mother, she took no mess on anyone!”

She was very pragmatic. She felt that if you “let go” with values ​​a bit, it all starts from there.

My grandfather – his father – was half white, half American Indian. He was a minister and a baseball player and because everyone knew about his background he had to play for the Negro League. He started a chapter of the NAACP in this small area of ​​Texas. He lived almost 100 years.

I was baptized in the Jordan, it was not planned. It was amazing!2

Where would you like to go when traveling is a little easier?

I have never been to Niagara Falls or Catalina Island. But I really think I would love to do a live Mar-a-Lago radio show!

It has such international appeal, President Trump owns it, some of the most renowned names in sports, politics and entertainment have been there. It looks like it would be a beautiful setting. It is a name known all over the world, like the Taj Mahal!

You follow all the cutting edge of culture, to interview the hottest celebrities. How to immerse yourself in all this?

I have one foot in technology and one foot in mainstream media.

So you have some favorite Newsmax shows. Tell me about them!

I love watching Greg Kelly: he doesn’t hesitate to show his compassion.

For example, his “Black Lives Do Matter” segments – Greg’s grim demeanor is so heartfelt and obvious, as he revealed details of the tragic shooting death of 6-year-old Aniya Allen earlier this year in Minneapolis.

In today’s awakened, canceled and often too politically correct society, I think it’s important for other ethnicities to see an on-air news personality displaying that kind of authenticity on a news platform. conservative.

Greg’s experience as a decorated veteran gives him an intrepid style as a journalist. His speech can often be reassuring and has a heartwarming tone that prompts viewers to hear what he has to say, especially in a crisis.

Rob Schmitt has a frankness that I look forward to seeing, especially in his comments. He has a way of saying exactly what he thinks about the political and social issues of the world, without sounding too brash or “preachy.”

He presents the facts from his perspective, with key video sound clips, providing visuals to further support his views. There are times when he mixes with a pinch of humor, as he did with the play “Political Theater Starring Kamala Harris”.

Her delivery is very engaging and plausible, even when it comes to a hot topic that can be quite complex and layered. I often find myself eager to hear how Rob will dissect the story, while also managing to balance everything out for his audience. He is definitely a hit among millennial viewers with his punchy style.

What do you imagine for the future of your show?

I envision this show as becoming a nationally syndicated show or in partnership with another national broadcast channel. The show currently has its share of top guests, but I plan to expand it by producing multi-part entertainment radio specials. One of my radio heroines is the nighttime radio host and author DELILAH. I admire her success so much, and hope to emulate that kind of success one day.

Make sure to follow Janice’s career. Thanks for chatting with Janice!



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