The Best Puppeteer Skills, Ranked


No one has to justify why they’re racking up wins in Evil Dead: The Game using Eligos. The puppeteer has access to the Demi-Eligos as an elite unit, the same elite unit that destroyed players in campaign missions. If it’s bad there, imagine it being improved and possessed by a smart player.

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Even so, it’s a squad of four survivors put together, more than enough to take down these elite units. That is, until skills are taken into account. With the right skill spread, the Puppeteer is a force to be reckoned with and the only demon that can cause players to drop out of the game. Evil Dead: The Game before the loading screen ends.

ten Rock Steady: Elite

  • Increases balance bar length of elite units.

Being offbeat is a problem for many reasons. First of all, it is a period when no damage is done. Second, this is a time when the enemy can get very easy headshots. Finally, and this is the most important thing to consider, losing balance opens up the unit to finishers. The best warriors will kill expensive units if this happens. Protect the valuable elites by turning this bad situation into an irregularity.

9 Easy access

  • Reduces the amount of Infernal Energy required to own a unit.

At first glance, a 15% reduction in ownership might seem like a bit of a bargaining chip. But it adds up. If played correctly, the puppeteer should have an elite unit whenever the cooldown is available. Throughout a full match, this reduction can add up to two full energy bars of additional attacks. Elite support units will attempt to heal their squads, as more and more attacks push their resource limits.

8 Puppeteer: Elite

  • Increases maximum health gained and damage dealt by possessed elite evil units.

Getting two perks for the puppeteer’s best unit is a no-brainer. Increasing his ability to regain health will give Demi-Eligos a buff to his lifesteal, making him even harder to take down. The increased damage dealt will cause squads to feel the pain as this unit’s spawns become more frequent. Ideal bosses give bonus damage to their allies, this skill counters this aura well.

seven Health Boost: Elite

  • Increases the maximum health of elite units.

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When the Demi-Eligos were destroying players in the campaign, there’s no doubt that the most frustrating part about it is how many hits it takes to kill him. Bullets bounce without any visible effect on the health meter, and melee attackers will take way too much damage before they go down. Considering this to be the best feature of the device, why not beef it up even more?

6 Heavy Damage: Elite

  • Increases damage dealt by elite units.

It’s fair to wonder why this skill is listed higher than the Puppet Master: Elite skill, which increases damage in addition to health regeneration. This amounts to this effect being permanent, working even when the elite creature is not possessed. Even the best puppeteer build won’t be able to guarantee the hellish energy is high enough to possess creatures all the time. But the AI ​​does a pretty good job and will do even better with extra damage.

5 Gates of Hell: Elite

  • Reduces cooldown between placement of Portals: Elite.

Since Eligos is currently at the top of the demon rankings due to his elite unit, it’s probably best to have this guy on the battlefield as often as possible. Already, survivors will struggle to kill a Demi-Eligos before another is ready to arrive. With this skill, it is easily possible to place several units on the field at once.

4 relentless evil

  • Reduces the cooldown of your active skill.

At ninety seconds, the puppeteer cooldown is high. One might say excessive, but its potency, giving a possessed unit 40% more health and 10% more damage, is so ridiculous that the cooldown needs to be high to prevent the puppeteer from automatically winning the game. Gain twenty-seven seconds on cooldown with this skill and bypass the only barrier preventing this ability from dominating the match.

3 Extension of possession

  • Reduces the amount of infernal energy needed to maintain possession of an evil unit.

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Getting killed by a gang of survivors is okay, but getting killed because a mystery bar has emptied cannot be tolerated. With all that is invested in the puppeteer’s units, they shouldn’t be allowed to perish when the infernal energy runs out. Slow down the timer and clear all possible damage before you meet the end. Keep in mind that even if the possessed unit is killed, the excess infernal energy saved by this skill will be immediately ready for the next attack.

2 Group of crazy clones

  • Increases the damage inflicted by your clones.

While the Demi-Eligos’ ranged attack is terrifying, it’s the clones that have the greatest advantage. Able to build an army on their own, the Elite can overwhelm survivors with a series of clone creations. Increase their damage and Survivors will have a choice with no good answer: focus on the Demi-Eligos and get shredded by clones, or kill the clones and let the Demi-Eligos do ranged burst attacks.

1 Kandarian Fury

  • The longer you spend owning a unit, the more damage it can inflict.

It’s like someone missed a comma or a fraction at some point. 3% extra damage for every second a unit is possessed? It’s absurd. In just ten seconds, that’s already 30% more damage. Survive for seventeen seconds and it’s 50%. Just after thirty seconds, it becomes full-fledged double damage, either wiping out players with a single blow or crushing them to death with a bloated mob of clones.

Evil Dead: The Game was released on May 13, 2022 and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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