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Literary critics say mathematician Charles Dodgson, better known by his pseudonym Lewis Carroll, concocted the fantastic tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on a boat ride on the River Isis to teach math to three little girls. daughters, daughters of his learned friend Henry Liddell.
After the success of his first novel, Carroll continued to write other novels, then came to a point where people forgot him as a mathematician but remembered him as a writer. Like Carroll, Pranav Vyas, a drawing teacher at a public elementary school in Punjapadar village in Liliya taluka d’Amreli, learned and mastered the art of puppetry when he discovered that students learned best when taught through to this entertainment tool.
“When I started teaching two decades ago, I was teaching using the standard teaching method. In 2003, I attended a workshop at the Center for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) in Udaipur where I learned the puppet as a teaching aid. I loved the puppet shows. when I was a child. I made a glove puppet and started teaching with it. I noticed that the children who were less attentive in class began to get involved and pay more attention to studies, ”says Pranav.
Since then, Vyas, in his forties, has made thousands of glove, rod and shadow puppets, has done a doctorate on “The role of puppets in the telling of folk tales”. Vyas has also written and published four books on the art of puppetry. Vyas has held over 200 workshops in schools across the state and has taught students as well as teachers. He modifies folk tales to teach children subjects like math, science and also languages ​​using puppets.
Vyas led several workshops for CCRT during the period 2010-17 where he taught teachers across India the art of puppetry as an educational tool. Outside of CCRT, his efforts have been recognized by the state government and also by organizations like SRISTI.



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