The puppeteer of the culture war | Opinion


Over the past year, we have witnessed loud and disruptive protests in school boards across the country, with small, very loud groups relentlessly harassing and bullying board members. They are crying out against Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is not even taught in public schools from K-12. They denounce the fundamental American principles of equity, inclusion and diversity. They vehemently oppose students who want No Place for Hate programs on campus to prevent bullying, racism, and harassment. They quickly censor anyone who dares to disagree with them.

These groups generally present themselves as local grassroots organizations, but they are in fact part of a national strategy designed and led by political activist Christopher Rufo. Indeed, Rufo is the puppeteer pulling the strings behind the scenes of this culture war…and his ultimate goal is the dismantling of our public schools. Rufo has coined fear of the CRT as a burning issue, and is on record with a plan to “besiege institutions” and wage “narrative and symbolic warfare” against K-12 schools and government agencies. He intends to incite so much anger that it eventually sparks a nationwide movement to defund public schools and privatize education. Now add Rufo’s final tirade: A declaration of “moral war” against the Walt Disney Company.

Our Coronado Unified School District board meetings have been besieged by proponents of Rufo’s philosophy. Their local website even lists Rufo’s website ( as a primary resource and features his anti-CRT video. What’s really critical is that Coronado residents know the facts behind this movement before it’s too late. As I’ve said before, we need to elect school board candidates who don’t want to wage culture wars, but rather want to recognize and fully support our schools and teachers for the great work they do.

FLIGHT. 112, NO. 20 – 18 May 2022


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