Tuckerton NJ’s ventriloquist plays role in “Halloween Kills”


‘Halloween kills’ is the number one film at the box office right now, and a local artist is playing a small part in it!

In one of the first scenes of the film appears 57 years Mike Dupre, a gifted ventriloquist and apparently longtime resident of Tuckerton, New Jersey and a graduate of Pinelands Regional High School, according to iMDb.

Dupree’s character performs an act called “Shaving Cream” with her model at an open mic party at a bar in the town of Haddonfield, where “Halloween kills‘takes place.

Dupree’s scene is short but includes Anthony michael hall (play Tommy, the kid Jamie lee curtis child care in the original ‘Halloween‘film), and Kyle richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Why is SHE in the movie? She played Lindsay in the OG ‘Halloween’.

Mike Dupree may have stayed close to his Jersey Shore roots, apparently working at Stewart’s Root Beer, Harrah’s Casino and, more recently, Atlantic City Electric, according to Sandpaper, but he has appeared in many legendary TV shows, like The Brady Group, To laugh, and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Dupree also spent time on Atlantic City Radio as a guest on a local AM show and served in the Coast Guard.

As to why Dupree pursued a career in ventriloquism? He is said to have Asperger’s syndrome. “I used ventriloquism to get out of it,” Dupree says. thesandpaper.com.

A chance phone call in 2019 with someone in the ventriloquism industry led Dupree to find out ‘Halloween kills‘being filmed in North Carolina. He eventually landed the role and spent about four days on set with director David Gordon Green. He even met the star of the film, Jamie Lee Curtis. Dupree called the actress a “super person”.

You can watch the audition video that won Dupree the job below!

Halloween kills‘s in theaters now. Be aware though, this is absolute bloodbath, but well worth it.

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