Twista shows off her ventriloquist skills and explains that she wants to rap with a puppet


It’s been an interest of Twista since he was a young teenager and he’s been honing his skills in helping kids with educational videos.

You never know what other talents the rappers may have been hiding and Twista shows off her impressive skills as a ventriloquist. The Chicago icon is known for his fast-rhyming bars that have captivated hip-hop for decades, but in a recent feature with Fork, Twista elaborated on expanding her showmanship with the help of a ventriloquist dummy. It’s an unexpected skill to behold for those who have followed Twista’s career, but with “Groucho” by his side, the rapper is taking new steps.

According to his line with ForkTwista was first inspired into ventriloquism after watching an Anthony Hopkins horror movie named Magic when he was a teenager.

Paras Griffin/Stringer/Getty Images

“I would learn by watching television. I was into music so I watched the puppeteer of Madame de Solid gold and I also liked the Muppets on sesame street. In fact, one of my dreams was to do voiceovers for cartoons, but I really didn’t practice puppeteering much until I was older.”

He added that his Groucho Marx-inspired puppet was not his final partner in his latest venture; “Lil Twista” is in the making and Twista in real life wants to learn how to make his puppet rap at his speed. The design cost him a few thousand dollars, but Twista thinks it’s worth every penny.

“My goal is to be able to do a puppet rap, but not like any rap, Twista style. I also want to use it to teach kids to be safer: I could do educational videos about universal security rules and color-coding, things that could help in a crisis.”

Check out Twista showing off her skills below.



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