Ventriloquist April Brucker Demands Equal Pay for Puppets at “Judge Jerry” Season 3 Premiere



LAS VEGAS, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The ventriloquist has been paid. But the puppet claims she’s been stiff, and the promoter says he’s being chased by a piece of cloth.

Now it’s up to the honorable and iconic judge Jerry springer to clear up this chaotic enigma on the September 13 premiere of the third season of “Judge Jerry“, the daily judicial program in first diffusion, diffused at the national level.

Complainants Avril Brucker and his sidekick puppet Mai Wilson claim that although a Vegas show promoter paid April, May was not paid. The ventriloquist duo ask Judge Jerry to give the puppets equal pay.

The promoter’s response to their claim: “I paid April. I don’t pay May… nor June, July or August.

“If the running pigs at state fairs get paid, the puppets should too. It’s all about pay equity, ”says Mai Wilson.

April and May are currently performing as special guests in BurlesQ, a classic Vegas showgirl revue at Alexis Park Resort Las Vegas.

“I’m proud of May for standing up for the rights of Americans in the textile industry,” says Avril Brucker.

“It’s time for my people to stop being treated like dummies with strings,” May adds.

In this brand new season of scandalous cases, Jerry springer showcases her talent for getting people to confess their dirty laundry with juicy stories along the way. “Judge Jerry” uses Springer’s talent to connect with people with his incredibly fun and funny personality, as well as his law degree and experience as a former mayor of Cincinnati.

Distributed by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios, “Judge Jerry” premiered in fall 2019 as the highest-rated syndicated court show in five years. Last season, “Judge Jerry” averaged over a million daily viewers. Lists of local stations are available on

Avril Brucker appeared in “Entertainment Tonight”, “Inside Edition”, “The Layover”, “My Strange Addiction”, “Today”, “Videos After Dark”, “The Wendy Williams Show”, “What’s My Secret”, “What Would You do?” and many other TV shows. She is the author of “Read My Lips! – America’s Foremost Female Ventriloquist Reveals the Secrets of How to be a Successful Ventriloquist” (ISBN 978-0-9842085-8-6) and “I Came, I Saw, I Sang – Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Girl “(ISBN 978-0-7414-7793-4).

Fans can connect with Avril Brucker on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, as well as on its official website www.AprilBrucker.TV.

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