Ventriloquist sings “Hopelessly Devoted” on “America’s Got Talent”


You may not think ventriloquism is the highest art form in the world. But after seeing Celia Muñoz deliver an incredible musical number on “America’s Got Talent,” you might sing a different tune.

First of all, his skills are amazing. Muñoz revealed to the judges that she had previously worked as a professional opera singer in Spain and chose vaudeville on a whim.

“Normally it takes people about 20 years to learn how to do this,” said judge Simon Cowell. Muñoz nailed it in half.

Second, Muñoz paid an unexpected tribute to another iconic artist in the process, which makes it all the more special to watch.

Instead of using puppets, Muñoz dressed the stage to look like a drive-in movie theater, complete with a shiny red car.

Muñoz approaches the car while talking on the phone with his mother (really talking to herself, of course), popcorn and soda in hand.

“I can not speak now!” Munoz said before hanging up the phone and settling down.

The “movie” starts playing (again, all voiced by Muñoz) and we realize it’s the 1978 classic “Grease.”

Then we hear the opening notes of “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” originally sung by Olivia Newton-John, who recently passed away on August 8 at the age of 73.

Muñoz somehow manages to sing the song—beautifully too—while sipping his soda and eating his movie cravings. Unreal.

The best part comes at the end, with a high note and Muñoz’s mouth completely stuffed with popcorn.

Although not seen in this music video, an episode recap featured on Yahoo! Entertainment showed all the judges floored by Muñoz’s uniqueness and touched by the sweet tribute.

Judge Howie Mandel felt the performance “gave us a glimpse of what would have been if Olivia Newton-John had been born in Spain”.

No one can say how far Muñoz will go in the competition, but she certainly deserves praise for making the art form her own and giving us new ways to enjoy the classics.


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