Writer’s Predictions for Week 11



Are we watching a preview of Super Bowl Sunday? Will one side turn out to be an impostor? The upcoming showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and visiting Dallas Cowboys is going to reveal a lot about the condition of both teams as the final stretch of the season hits us with Thanksgiving slated for next week.

For the Chiefs, the chance to host Dallas gives Patrick Mahomes and the company a way to flex significantly before the week off, a potentially perfect time to rest and recuperate after making an important statement in November. For Dallas, this is one of the most legitimate dates on the program to date, and a chance to prove in a noisy environment that they are major players to win it all.

Earlier this week, we saw that experts were divided from coast to coast on what to think this weekend. We interviewed our writers to give us their predictions and here is what they said.

Max Cashio

This is the game we can finally see if the Chiefs’ defense and offense can withstand a top team. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys defense won’t make it easy. The Chiefs win a shootout. Chefs 42, Cowboys 38

Matt Conner

Have the Chiefs really crossed the line? Are the Cowboys capable of eliminating a competitor? It’s a great game that will reveal a lot for both parties, making it a must-see TV, as if theaters aren’t going to pull you in already. Chefs 37, Dallas 27

Josh Fann

It’s the Chiefs’ most important game at this point. You won a few games to finally get out of a hole to be 6-4. You can’t mess this up and drop another game on the schedule after finally getting your swagger back. I think the Chiefs know that, and they know what kind of opponent the Cowboys are. This will result in both teams scoring a few points on offense, but ultimately the Chiefs will gain a tight one thanks to improved defensive efforts. Chefs 31, Cowboys 27

Alex Givens

While the Cowboys sit at 7-2, I think it comes with an asterisk when you consider their schedule. Meanwhile, the Chiefs were tested by every ‘top’ team in their first 9 weeks. That being said, I think the Chiefs (both on offense and defense) have moved in the right direction since that Tennessee game. While the “dem boys” are two weeks away from a complete embarrassment against a tough Broncos team. The real question for this game is which team will show up on each side, but I think the Chiefs continue to get back into shape against an inconsistent Cowboys team. Very well before a well-deserved week off and preparation for three consecutive opponents of the AFC West. Chefs 35, Cowboys 28

Scott loring

Everyone is excited to see Mahomes against Prescott, but it will be the Chiefs’ defense that hits the headlines Monday morning. Kansas City continues to thrive on defense, ranking 2nd in the NFL in points allowed in its last five games. The Chiefs will enter their week off confident and with a favorable schedule. Chefs 33, Cowboys 20

Ellen mathis

I’ve watched a lot of Cowboys games this season and I think their performance against the Broncos was an anomaly. They are a good team in all positions. Losing Randy Gregory is tough, so I think it could turn into a replay of that Rams-Chiefs game from a few years ago. Sadly, I think it probably ends the same way, with a loss for the Chiefs (to be clear I want the Chiefs to win, but if the Cowboys win my husband will be very happy and my marriage probably in shambles … I joking). Cowboys 41, chefs 38

Hunter Stanton

As the Chiefs secure yet another victory over the Raiders, blowing them up in the process, the Chiefs will face the Cowboys at Arrowhead. With the home advantage, the defense exploding and the offense seeming to be on a good trend, I see the Chiefs winning in a close game. Chefs 31, Cowboys 27

Grant Tuttle

The Chiefs approach this game with more confidence than at any time this season. After hitting the Raiders in prime time, the offense looks synchronized and the defense looks solid. Look for Mahomes to shine again in this one. Chefs 31, Cowboys 27

Farzin Vousoughian

The Chiefs just won their best game of the year and now have their biggest test of the year. If the Chiefs offense continues to play its game and win, they will prove to be one of the NFL’s biggest threats. Chefs 38, Cowboys 28



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