‘How is it?’



A ventriloquist amazes the spirits TIC Tac after showing how he can “delay” his voice when speaking.

The wild clip is courtesy of Jack Williams (@puppetjack_), puppeteer with more than 120,000 followers on TIC Tac. Understandably, most of Williams’ videos feature puppets, but one of his latest posts shows something a little more bizarre.

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Williams starts on clip responding to a commentator, who asked him if he was already using his ventriloquist voice when speaking to normal people. His response shows how he can use his skills to delay his voice when speaking out loud.

In the video, Williams articulates a series of sentences. However, he didn’t say the words until after his mouth has stopped moving.

Essentially, Williams uses the same tricks he uses as a puppeteer – saying words without moving his mouth or changing his facial expressions. But in this case, he acts as his own puppet.

“How is it?” Williams said at one point, using his delayed voice.

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The clip garnered over a million views in its first day online, along with thousands of comments from stunned users.

“It’s so awesome,” a user wrote.

“You are way too talented” another added.

In fact, some users were so surprised that they claimed the Williams video was fake.

“I do not believe it,” a user wrote.

“He uses voiceovers” another wrote.

It seems unlikely that Williams would fake it, given that he appears to be using his skills shown in other videos with his puppeteer. In fact, her delayed voice is reminiscent of someone else’s viral moment in 2020, when a teen attracted millions of views to show similar ability.

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