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The new Netflix movie, Starling, will really hit you in the sensations. Dealing with grief and loss is never an easy topic to discuss, and Starling adds a little humor to make these topics a little more palatable. With a star-studded cast starring Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd and Kevin Kline, Starling never shy away from what makes us uncomfortable, but does a decent job reminding us that the world doesn’t stop, even though we sometimes have to deal with more than we can handle. To celebrate the film’s release, I spoke with writer Matt Wilson about his inspiration behind the film, why he entered the industry, and what happens next.

PopHorror: I watched Starling over the weekend, and even though I loved her, you broke my heart.

Matt Wilson: Thank you. It was my goal.

PopHorror: What inspired the film?

Matt Wilson: You know, I was inspired by this general idea that sometimes bad things happen to very good people. And this nature, as we live in this chaos in the natural world, can be both very forgiving and ruthless. I always envisioned this couple as a couple who wanted to have kids very early on, and they were told they couldn’t have kids and they were okay with that, right? not ? That they were a couple who found their way and were happy with their life when, bam! Suddenly, nature gives them something they never expected, and then, bam! Took it away. I just really wanted to see how we move past these types of events that are happening and even the loss of a loved one, maybe a sick person, and we have time to prepare. These things are nevertheless very difficult to overcome. And sometimes some people never get past them. I think it was just my awareness of that and my interest in finding a way to get over things. I wanted to do it through history, and it allowed me. This is what I was trying to do.

PopHorror: I think you hit the mark. Watching it now, I come to the anniversary of my brother’s death which was very sudden, and the film, although fictional, really made me realize the grieving process and how people do it differently. It really got me thinking about last year, and I’m really enjoying it right now. I like that you said that. That’s exactly what I got out of it too.

Matt Wilson: Oh good. It is important that it looks real. You suffered a loss, and I also suffered a loss. Lucky for me, I haven’t lost any children. I am not writing from personal experience there, but I have lost a sister. I lost a mother. It is something that we do not get over. I don’t know about you… you just can’t get over it, you know? But like Lilly says, “You know the world keeps spinning and people keep going on with their lives, and I just want to scream, ‘Stop doing that! “” I just felt like this movie wasn’t going to have any dramatic turns. As if she wasn’t going to rush to the hospital at the end of the movie to grab him and say, “We have to be together!” Run it like Richard Gere in a Officer and Gentleman. It’s not that movie. This movie, the change that was to come, had to be slight but so, so important, that they could see a way beyond that. They might believe there is a way forward, and what this breakthrough has in store for them we don’t know. But I think it’s really important to believe you’ve got this. Getting there is very difficult.

PopHorror: The cast is made up of really amazing actors. Were they the ones you had in mind when you were writing the screenplay?

Matt Wilson: Oh dear! I wish I could say I did. I’ve never done it, only because it’s such a good cast. I would have made a joke if I had participated. I remember at different times we were trying to land one of the roles, in the hopes of having someone who could carry the weight, especially the role of Lilly, which I thought was vital … before we even had. did a gender swap, or swapped roles. We always tried to choose his role first. Then when Ted [Melfi] came on board as a director, and he said he wanted to go to Melissa McCarthy with that, I was blown away. I couldn’t have asked for better for someone, because I just have a lot of respect for her. Before even seeing Can you forgive me Once I saw that I was like, “Okay, if somebody doesn’t realize how legitimate this woman is, they really need to watch her.” So when she got on board. I think the fact that she is so legit, I think it attracted others.

PopHorror: It’s so cool! She’s so awesome. I saw her for the first time in Gilmore Girls, and the progression she’s made from that comedic role to more dramatic roles like this is incredible. I thought she really gave the character a lot of depth because she could do both comedy and drama.

Matt Wilson: She can make you feel, can’t she?

PopHorror: Yes quite. What made you want to get into the entertainment industry?

Matt Wilson: An excellent question. I wonder every day. I think I was attracted to the cinema above all. I ended up working mostly in TV, but moved here after graduation because I knew I wanted to try writing screenplays. So I guess I just had this bug. I wish I could tell you that I had a definitive goal other than hopefully doing what just happened now, which is to write a script that will become a movie, which is also an exhilarating and terrifying process. .

PopHorror: I bet. What’s the next step for you? Are you currently working on something?

Matt Wilson: Yes. A screenplay I wrote titled Moon of Glowing Trees—it’s called now Death for a dollar—is directed – it just ended, in fact – by Walter Hill. It has Christoph Waltz and Willem Defoe. Rachel Brosnahan is in it. So it’s going to come out in the spring. It’s a western, so it’s very different.

PopHorror: Oh wow. Very different. I just have one last question for you as we are a horror site. What’s your favorite horror movie?

Matt Wilson: My favorite horror movie? The haunting, from afar. The first one The haunting.

Thank you very much, Matt, for taking the time to speak to us. Make sure you catch Starling, exclusively on Netflix now.



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