TV producer José Luis Moreno arrested in Madrid in police operation for economic crimes



Spanish producer José Luis Moreno was arrested early on Tuesday in Madrid in a police operation carried out to dismantle a criminal group allegedly led by Moreno himself.

The organization, in which there would be around fifty people involved, had woven a complex network of shell companies and shell companies made up of more than 700 trading companies. According to various media cited by sources close to the investigation, their “modus operandi” would consist in accessing the money of Bank loans to divert them through your network so that they cannot be claimed.

Moreno and the rest of the group are estimated to have earned more than € 50million, part of which came from ICO loans, the state-guaranteed loans that served to alleviate the most serious consequences of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus.

Among those investigated, there are said to be directors of bank branches, lawyers and notaries, and it is wanted whether they also had the collaboration of personnel from the forces and state security organs. According to the researchers’ hypothesis, the swindled money was used to grant loans at high interest rates and to laundering funds from drug trafficking.

Fame as a producer and financial problems

José Luis Moreno gained national fame in Spain for his shows such as ventriloquist and later for the production of highly successful audiovisual formats, such as entertainment and variety programs or well-known series such as “Wedding Scenes” or ‘There is no one who lives here’.

However, in recent years he has made headlines for issues unrelated to his work. In 2007, its address was assaulted by a gang of Kosovar Albanians that he was beaten and that Moreno had to be hospitalized, and in 2016 he was again the victim of another attempted theft at his home. Moreover, his poor economic situation in recent years has also attracted attention and, indeed, on Monday his name stood out in the seventh list of large debtors published by the Spanish Tax Agency.

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