Ventriloquist ‘AGT’ Jack Williams wishes he could have done more on the show



America’s Got Talent semi-finalist Jack Williams recently discussed his experiences on the show on Jack of Jake with Jacob Elyachar. Along with her experience, Williams offered advice for those looking to audition in the future.

Jack Williams wishes he could have done more on America’s Got Talent

To be successful on a world famous show like AGT, the talent you have must be unique and entertaining. Williams is not the first ventriloquist to compete for AGT gold, but it is certainly one of the most memorable. Her Season 17 audition has garnered over 1.8 million views on YouTube at the time of writing.

The Indianapolis Ventriloquist may lack the element of uniqueness to his act, but he makes up for it by being comically entertaining. During the podcast, Williams revealed that he tried to audition on AGT for several years, the first time at the age of 14.

In a similar vein, he believes much of his success is tied to his TikTok following. For those unaware, the 25-year-old has over 1.3 million followers on the video streaming app, where he shares his comedic ventriloquist content. In front of AGT competition, he went viral for uploading his vocals.

He’s glad none of his previous auditions were successful, explaining that there’s no way he’ll be ready during those times. Williams shared that a lot of preparation and last-minute adjustments had to be made during his AGT Course. He also reveals that his performance in the semi-finals was difficult as he was controlling two puppets at the same time.

He had a friendly rivalry with Celia Muñoz

Although AGT is a real competition, Williams confirms that he and Celia Muñoz were friends. He was finally happy when she reached the final.

“She’s only been doing it for two years, but she’s amazingly good! Regarding the technique. Williams said praising Muñoz’s technique.

Having two ventriloquists competing at the same time made AGT a difficult experience for Williams. He explained that he disagreed with Howie Mandel’s comment in favor of Muñoz, as they are very different types of ventriloquists. Since they have different backgrounds, Muñoz as an opera singer and Williams as a comedian, they shouldn’t have been judged the same.

Nonetheless, fans loved Williams’ run this season from AGT. Fans hope to see him and Muñoz in the next spin-off series, AGT All Stars.

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