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ROCKFORD – When every show is over and the audience bursts into applause, 15-year-old ventriloquist and singer Darci Lynne said it still doesn’t feel real.

But she’s still grateful to be up there. She looks forward to meeting the residents of the Stateline area at an upcoming show at the Coronado Theater in Rockford, 314 N. Main St. She takes the stage at 3pm on Sunday March 15th as part of her “Fresh Out” tour. of the Box ”.

“I feed off the audience when I play,” she said. “It’s really nice to know these people are there, having fun and interacting with them.”

In 2017, Darci became the youngest person to win NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in its 12th season, a feat that propelled her into the limelight of national entertainment.

“That day changed my life forever, I had so many opportunities now because of the show,” she said.

Darci grew up in Oklahoma City dreaming of being a singer, but struggled with stage fright. When she learned to ventriloquist, Darci began practicing in her bathroom mirror every day by reciting nursery rhymes, the alphabet, tongue twisters, and watching YouTube tutorials to hone her speaking skills and to sing without moving your mouth.

She thanked her current trainer, Gary Owen, who has over 30 years of experience, for helping her improve her art and become more comfortable on stage.

A multifaceted performer, she hopes to develop further in the fields of singing, acting and music production in the future, in addition to ventriloquism.

Getting used to fame in school was unusual. Meeting popular culture stars like Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and the Jonas Brothers was a dream come true for her. Being asked for your autograph at airports was another welcome change of pace.

“I like to meet my fans. They are just really nice people, ”she said.

His fans include Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, much to Darci’s surprise. She met them in Nashville, Tennessee, when they brought their daughters to the theater to see her perform.

Traveling in the United States is also a family adventure for Darci, his parents and his three brothers as they visit new cities together.

They have visited 46 of the 50 states, with trips scheduled to check two more on the list in the near future. She has yet to visit Alaska, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa. She last appeared in Illinois in January during a show in Springfield.

Darci’s puppets take their names from various significant areas of his life.

Petunia, a sassy character, was named after Darci’s pet rabbit.

Oscar the nervous mouse was inspired by an online list of “cute boy names,” Darci said. Others are just random. The mischievous Edna Doorknocker’s idea was derived with the help of her trainer by merging two suggested names. Other ideas come from close friends. Darci said she uses four main characters in her shows.

In a message for children, Darci wants them to always chase their dreams.

“Put your heart in it. Dark. There is no one stopping you. You are 100% capable, ”she said.

For more information on Darci Lynne, visit or find her on social media using the username @itsdarcilynne.

Additional details on his upcoming show at Rockford, including ticket prices and seating options, are also available online at



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