Ventriloquist Jack Williams (America’s Got Talent) impersonates Simon


Qualifiers Episode 4 of “America’s Got Talent” aired Tuesday, August 30 on NBC with 11 acts live on the big stage. One of these acts was ventriloquist jack williams. A year ago he was working in retail and struggling to pay his rent, that’s when he decided to take to social media. After hitting it hard online, the comedian gained the confidence he needed to audition for “AGT” with his puppet named Foster. However, his new “best friend” Dale came with him to the live show. Do you think Jack did enough to qualify for the final? Watch the “AGT” video above.

This time around, Foster sat on the edge of the stage and boiled with jealousy as Jack and Dale performed together. Eventually, Jack put Dale in a box and grabbed Foster, who got revenge on his human by stealing his voice. Foster replaced Jack’s voice with that of celebrities like Simon Cowell and barack obamawhich made the crowd laugh a lot.

At the end of the act, Simon gave the ventriloquist a standing ovation and praised his growth in the competition. However, the other three panelists were mostly mixed in their reviews. Here’s what the “AGT” judges had to say about Jack Williams’ live performance:

Howie Mandel: “You know Jack, you are very good… you seem to be rather smart [in front of a live audience]. I don’t think it’s as original as I would like and it doesn’t blow my mind. And maybe it’s because even in your package you mentioned the lady we had last week [Celia Munoz], and it blew me away and I’m setting a standard for myself. I wasn’t blown away, but I think you’re really good and I hope America loves you and it’s up to them to vote. You’re lucky I don’t vote.

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Heidi Klum“I must say that I’m glad you introduced the voices of Simon and Obama, because for me it was a bit difficult to differentiate between your voices and those of your two friends. Like, to me, the voices sounded too similar. So I like that you added two more extra voices in there.

Sofia Vergara: “I thought you were awesome. I liked it. I thought it was hard for you to do that and having the two different puppets was amazing. I liked it. I think it was very funny.

Simon Cowell“Jack, I liked your audition, I didn’t like it. Tonight, I think you did better than your audition, honestly. I think that was really smart. I think the way you staged it all was funny. People love this kind of action. I think for me that was the best one-mile act tonight.

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