Watch the America’s Got Talent singing ventriloquist who blew everyone’s mind


Last night’s big premiere America’s Got Talent provided the world with an odd and predictable assortment of artists of varying talents. From Sad Clown singer to Trump impersonator to escapologist, AGTThe new season of delivered a first hour of auditions that amazed and amused, and arguably no act ticked both of those boxes more impressively than 12-year-old Darci Lynne’s incredible performance as a ventriloquist. singing. Check it out below!

First and foremost: it was probably the cutest and most impressive thing you’re going to see today, even if you haven’t seen your own kids do their least impressive thing yet. (Just kidding, everyone!) By all means, though, Darci Lynne can put on quite a show, as the young ventriloquist took to the stage with her equally adorable Petunia bunny puppet and somehow transformed her nervousness. innocent into a confident and superb interpretation. from the classic “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald.

Audio-wise alone, Darci Lynne absolutely crushed this performance, and while she might not have made it to the main group of contestants on The voice or something like that, I’m willing to consider this one of the greatest musical moments of all time where a ventriloquist dummy is involved. And now that Lynne will have more time to shine America’s Got TalentI hope with all my might that we will see a duet between Petunia and Kermit the Frog for “Rainbow Connection”,

In any case, it was just the vocal efforts, which says nothing about how much fun Darci Lynne made things on a visual level. It would have been enough for him to sing a little differently, since the whole “singing with your mouth shut” part was already beating. And it’s not exactly a full act or anything, but there was an undeniable charm to watching Petunia’s attempts to upstage Darci during the song.

Luckily, Mel B was so surprised by it all that she slammed the Golden Buzzer, and Darci Lynne’s face went from light tears of joy to full water jobs. She was so taken aback by it all that it seems odd that she was able to pull off this song relatively perfectly. Considering how often ventriloquists end up winning America’s Got Talentcombined with last year’s young singer winning it all, maybe Petunia will be showered with even more celebrations in a few months.

With Tyra Banks now comfortably taking the place of former host Nick Cannon, America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET. If you want to know what’s coming to the small screen soon, don’t be a model with one hand behind your back and head to our summer TV schedule.


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