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Jaydeep Sarkar, who started his journey as an assistant to filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Sudhir Mishra, has come a long way in his career. He has projects like ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’, ‘Daas Dev’, ‘Nayantara’s Necklace’ and many more to his credit. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the writer-director spoke about exploring the OTT space, recent digital series that impressed him, actors he’d love to work with, and more. Extracts …

There has been a wave of new content on OTT lately. How do you see him as a writer-filmmaker?
It’s incredible. What the NFDC was for filmmakers in the 1970s, OTT platforms are for us today. We can tell the stories we believe in without the hanging sword of Friday numbers. The audience also chooses interesting stories rather than who is on the poster. My aunt from Kolkata called the other day, excited about a Malayalam movie she discovered on a platform. This would not have happened if theaters and television stations were the only means of entertainment. OTT platforms set us free, we can step into that Pandora’s box and choose to watch whatever we like, not just what we expected to find. The joy of this discovery is new.

You participated in the writing. How was your experience behind the camera?
Being able to tell a story is a privilege! I’m so grateful that some of the scripts I worked on early in my career turned into some great movies.

Have you recently watched an international movie or series that you loved?
I recently discovered ‘The Young Pope’ and loved it! The irreverence was delicious. Also, ‘Ramy’ and ‘I May Destroy You’ were two series that really moved me. But really, I love Moira’s Altar from ‘Schitt’s Creek’.

What kind of films would you like to make in the future?
Relevant films and those that capture the world and the times in which we live. I like films that don’t take themselves too seriously or that exist in a bubble, far from our realities. I like movies and stories with humor, really. And I believe that humor has a great power to make a comment without being judgmental.

An actor with whom you would like to work?
So much! Just too much! And I want to work with all of them, so I’m not going to pick a few.

Among newbies, which actor do you think has the most potential?
Skand Thakur and Tanya Maniktala have great potential as actors. I absolutely loved watching Adarsh ​​Gaurav in ‘The White Tiger’ and Ishaan Khattar in ‘A Suitable Boy’.

And after?
I’m deep in a writer’s room and having so much fun! It’s too nascent for me to talk about it now, but you will hear from me soon. I promise it will be worth the wait.



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