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WWE’s ongoing storyline featuring Elias and his younger brother Ezekiel witnessed an unforeseen moment this week on RAW. The “brothers” appeared together on RAW in a backstage segment ahead of Elias’ concert, and Vince Russo gave his honest take on the angle during Sportskeeda’s post-show review.

The former WWE writer was willing to bet Elias’ fake beard would accidentally fall off on live TV sooner or later.

Vince Russo also felt that the company could find itself in a sticky situation if that happened, as he explained on Legion of RAW:

“We might have to take a little bet on that, Doctor Chris. How nervous are they? All day long, my brother, literally, someone’s job was on the line if Elias’ beard stood out,” Vince Russo said. “Bro, hedge the bets, bro. How long before the beard comes off, bro? How long before the beard comes off and they completely embarrass themselves?” [38:40 – 39:10]

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Co-host Dr. Chris Featherstone chimed in and noted that Elias’ return might be a one-time appearance as Ezekiel could continue his run without his brother’s help.

However, Russo drew attention to WWE’s repetitive booking pattern and expressed his belief that fans would see Elias again.

“I’m telling you bro, they’re going to go back into the well,” Russo added, “and it’s going to be on national television live.” [39:23 – 39:35]

Vince Russo discusses his doubts over the long-term future of the Elias/Ezekiel storyline in WWE

To the credit of WWE and the artists involved, the continuous angle has become one of the most exciting aspects of Monday Night RAW.

The promotion managed to put Elias and Ezekiel in the same frame using clever production techniques. Still, Vince Russo wasn’t sure the narrative could be stretched for an extended period of time.

“When we were watching movie magic, and you know, two guys being in the same shot, I look at this, bro, and I’m like, with their creativity, let’s be honest, how long can they carry I mean , seriously bro,” Russo continued. “How long are they going to be able to keep this going?” [40:00 – 41:00]

As expected, fans on Twitter had a lot to say after Elias and Ezekiel’s time together on RAW, and you can check out all of the top reactions here.

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