My Refuge: Singer and TV producer Jimmy Osmond in his office in Provo, Utah



My Refuge: Singer and TV producer Jimmy Osmond in his office in Provo, Utah

  • Jimmy Osmond, 52, tells Simon Button about the safe haven at his Provo home
  • He recently received an honorary doctorate from Wesleyan College in Iowa.
  • Loves his dog Mochi but his wife Michelle is the love of his life

“My office is where I escape. I paint here too, I paint and I draw since I was a kid ‘

1 painter man

My family and I have lived in our home in Utah for seven years and my office is where I get away from it all. I paint here too, paint and draw since I was a kid on the road with The Osmonds. This is my dog ​​Daisy, who passed away six years ago, and a series of lines for my loved ones, a different color for each person. I had my own comic book in Japan once and made a children’s book but the best thing is that my 13 year old daughter Bella loves art too so we draw together.

2 Frog family

I have a set of frogs, one for each member of the family. This one represents me, and then there is one for my wife Michelle and our children Sophia, 21, Zack, 18, Wyatt, 15 and Bella. Why frogs? Who knows? I just think they’re cute, like my kids. And yes, kids sometimes take the mickey away from me when they see old clips from The Osmonds, but when someone criticized Wyatt for looking like me, I asked how he felt, and he said, “I was like me. lucky sense “. That’s all a father wants to hear.

3 times scary

Receiving this honorary doctorate from Wesleyan College in Iowa has been a great pleasure recently for someone who has only been to school for one day. It was at the height of Osmonds success and a kid came up to me with a blade. I was on TV all the time so there was a lot of jealousy, and after this incident I had private tutors. Being famous was scary but I had a bodyguard with me everywhere I went. It’s a weird way of growing up, but it was all I had known since I was three.

“Receiving this honorary doctorate from Wesleyan College in Iowa has recently been a real pleasure”

4 big soft

This bust of my father George was in the spotlight in the television studio we built in the 1970s. There were financial problems and we had to sell the studio at a loss of around £ 60million. with today’s money, but after successfully producing shows like Disney On Ice, I was able to buy out the studio. I felt like I had made my father proud. Contrary to what people say, he was not a tyrant. He had been an army sergeant and demanded the best of us, but he was also a teddy bear.

5 My two loves

We’ve had our dog Mochi for five years – that’s the name of a Japanese candy like a marshmallow, and she looks a bit like it. After Daisy’s death I wanted a big dog, but my wife rejected me. I love Mochi but Michelle is the love of my life. We met when she was babysitting one of my brothers and then we started dating and realized we were soul mates. She gave me the Hawaiian lamp in the corner on our tenth wedding anniversary in 2002 because we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

6 Good God

Everyone knows I’m a Mormon – it’s our Bible, the Book of Mormon – but it wasn’t forced on me. My mother was a theologian, so we were encouraged to explore all religions, but I found that this one helped me avoid traps like drugs. And it helped me get through tough times, like the death of my parents. People say the Osmonds are crisp, boring Mormons, but we’ve sold 100 million records and at the very least people respect us for sticking to what we believe.

The Osmonds star in The Andy Williams Christmas Spectacular, a song and dance show dedicated to the late performer, who gave the Osmonds a break.

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