The best skills and strategies for the puppeteer in Evil Dead: The Game


Eligos, the spirit demon, is the puppeteer in Evil Dead: The Game. Featured in the Ashes vs. evil Dead Television series, Eligos is arguably the most difficult to play of the three kandarian demons in the game. forces survivors to break their formation with lots of area attacks and explosive minions.

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Eligos is also more likely to possess dead and survivors than other demons, thanks to their skills and Power Possession action ability. A skilled puppeteer is one of the most dangerous opponents for all but the most elite survivors.

Puppeteer Units

The Puppeteer’s units are generally weaker than Warlord or Necromancer, but their abilities make up for their lack of punching power. Dead Berserkers explode after being killed, firing a final shot at survivors who don’t retreat fast enough. A possessed Berserker can also explode on command or toss their own heads like a bomb, ensuring the survivors are never safe.


The puppeteer’s elite unit, Demi-Eligos, can clone itself and has powerful ranged abilities.

Unity Square (PS) / X (XBox) Triangle (PS) / Y (XBox) Circle (PS) / B (XBox) X (PS) / A (XBox)
Death Berserker Self-destruct: The Berserker explodes, dealing more damage than it would with its deadly blast. Headbutt : Launch the Berserker’s head, which explodes when it lands. Kill the Berserker. None. To dodge.
Half-Eligos Stunned: Directs a bolt of lightning at each nearby Survivor. Survivors have a brief period to get out of the way. Duplicity: Spawns a second Demi-Eligos with low health. None. None (cannot dodge).
Eligos (Boss) Telekinetic Surge: Immobilize nearby Survivors. Casting stones: Ranged attack that deals moderate damage to all survivors in a line in front of Eligos. Psychic compression: Grab a Survivor and damage them over time until they are freed. Cannot be dodged. None (cannot dodge).

Not only does Power Possession make a possessed unit stronger, it also causes their attacks to inflict fear as well as damage. Using Power Possession as often as possible is therefore a great way to increase your threat level effectively.

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Boss Game Tips

Unlike Henrietta and Evil Ash, Eligos spend more time moving when they materialize. The Puppeteer Demon is invisible in motion, which can cause Survivors to frantically search around you when they should be doing something else. Keep moving and time your attacks carefully to avoid retaliation.

Run among a group of Survivors and using Telekinetic Surge before they have a chance to react is a great way to block the whole team. Eligos also deals good damage with his melee attacks, so if you catch a group survivor hit em with Casting Stones before closing in to kill him.

If the Survivors activate the Necronomicon, use Eligos as a decoy to keep the survivors busy while your minions attack the book. Summoning hordes of Berserkers is useful here as their deadly blasts will damage the Necronomicon as long as they are close enough.

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Core Competencies

To create a truly dangerous puppeteer, focus on skills that improve your possession and your units’ abilities. Our recommendations are as follows:

Berserker Blast (Level 2)

Your Berserkers’ self-destruct power is one of your main sources of damage when playing as the Puppeteer, so you want to make sure it hits as often as possible. Berserker Blast is an early skill that expands the radius of the self-destruct abilityallowing you to catch more survivors in the explosion.

With this skill unlocked, pass your first battles summon Berserkers and own them immediately. Run towards the largest group of survivors you see and self-destruct – in all likelihood the survivors will be too busy trying to kill the doomed Berserker to get out of the way.

Easy access (Level 4)

Unlock Easy Access reduces the cost of owning your minions, allowing you to do it more often. This is useful for the self-destruct strategy above, and it also allows you to quickly possess Demi-Eligos and create a clone. Requirements for Easy Access include better demonic vision and faster infernal energy gain, both of which are great utility skills to have.

Puppeteer: Invigorating Possession (Level 5)

This critical skill will increase the amount of time you can maintain control of a Berserker or Demi-Eligos. By possessing one of your servants, hitting a Survivor will grant you Infernal Energy. This allows you to stay in control longer or use the power for something else if survivors return you to spirit form.

Puppet Master: Basic and Puppet Master: Elite (Level 6)

Once the sixth level of skills is unlocked, your next selections should be those skills that further strengthen your possessed minions. Each point invested in one of these skills improves the health and damage of a unit you own. This bonus includes both regular possession and power possessionletting your action ability turn Demi-Eligos into a mini-boss.

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